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# 1 Jassaan Act One
12-12-2010, 08:20 PM
I went ahead and published my first mission. It takes you from DS9 to Risa to Ortha 7.

I have to say that when it published after 7 tries tonight it lost the custom animation and chat I created for my Risa actors, so sorry your missing some stuff there, maybe it can show back up later.

I need to experiment on transitions, it works good from DS9 to Risa but once published the Risa to Ortha 7 is not right at all, again maybe the next go around. I noticed one of the BOs changed from test to publish, as well, minor bugs I expect.

I also saw map issues when I played it primarily on Ortha 7, minor bugs again.

Thinks I wish I could find ways to improve are, means to beam up after mission and still have travel option through sector space.

A spell checker, lol, so I do not need to proof multiple times.

Possibly a means to make 3 missions and then link them together, this may actually help with the space transitions.

Anyway it is a start, took me some time to get the time to really play so please take a look.


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