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Greetings all.

I just published my first mission and would like to get some feedback.
mission name: Phoenix' Flight

For one, I would like to know how to program NPC's to move, work on terminals or sit in chairs. Alse, how to make friendly ships warp-out after completing communications. Some tips on how to make ships fight eachother or team with eachother would be very welcome as well.

Looking forward hearing from you and my thanks in advance.
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# 2
12-13-2010, 10:15 PM
Just finished your mission and awarded it 4 stars. The plot and settings...inside ships probably deserved 5 stars but you need to polish it some more.

I know that being Dutch, English is not your first language but apart from that you have forgotten some things, a few of which I have set out below.

Spelling mistakes e.g. Friggats instead of Frigates, also Fighters where you meant Frigates and many others.

"The Schwartz" ... on first meeting him, his dialog is very confusing because he just says "Remember me, Remember" and nothing else! It might be better to have him say something like "please don't draw attention to me, could you talk to others and come back later" .

I have not created any missions so I cannot advise on how to do it but it would be nice not to have too many "!' over everybody's head that only asks you to not bother them. Also noticed a guy called "UGC Contact" which I think should be changed to a proper name.

What I really liked was the way you used the ship interiors like the TV series for most of your story. Just remember that not everybody is an character was only a lieutenant and only had 1 away team member. The first part of your story has me saying "5 to beam", where I only had 1 :p

Until Cryptic can fix some bugs, you also need to provide some work around for some problems like not being able to scan while moving. The way you set out you dialog is very clever to get around the problem of Cryptic lack of proper answer trees.

Excellent first mission
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# 3 Additional suggestions
12-14-2010, 03:52 AM
Post a comment with your mission name here:

1. Darren_kitlor is currently keeper of the big list of missions and this way more people will see it and try it out.

2. Consider writing your mission in Dutch for other Dutch speakers and fleet members to review. From personal experience it is always easier to be accurate and creative in your native language. Publish an English version after all bugs are ironed out and it is polished.

Note: I am not sure what Cryptic is going to do before releasing the Foundry on Holodeck but I hope that they will consider adding a section for other language authors.

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