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Ok so i've just published my first mission: The Topaline Trap

I would appreciate any feedback you care to share, be it good or bad.

  • I have found that the biggest part of making a mission was creating the maps, this time consuming process could be lessened somewhat by introducing a copy feature (ive mentioned this in another thread). This copy option would apply to Maps, Objects, Costumes and NPC Groups. If these items could be copied and saved for future use it would be even better.

  • Being able to adjust props when on the 3D map would help immensly, even just a "tweak" option, one where we could nudge the option up, down left or right, and rotate. It would be much better than constantly loading between the Preview and the Map Editor!

  • Is there a bug with the NPC groups btw? Anytime i placed a NPC group (in space) above or below +/- 1000 they just vanished from the preview? I had to readjust my whole map to fit in this narrow margin, this alone added an couple of hours to my project!

  • Weather Effects seemed a tad buggy too on Exterior maps, I had a rain effect which would start and then stop seconds later on the preview.

  • Please give us some Corpses! I managed to make my own (neutral faction all labelled Corpse and with the idle annimation of "lie down"). Give us some ones face up or in different positions.

  • Give us a Dark Night Time sky with clounds, there are plenty of dark night skies without clounds and lightish nightime skies with them, but no dark ones.

  • I know its been asked before, but please can we have Transporter Pads or at least parts?

  • Please introduce a Thunder and Lightning weather effect and sound effect. Raining fire would be another good one.

  • Can we have access to the broken station in the PvP Capture and Hold Maps?

  • Could you put in a intermittent Plasma Jet, one where we are able to alter the frequency of the Plasma burst? Whilst your at it can we have some toxic surfaces, like the acid in the boss fight in the STF Infected?

  • This is probably a big ask but a landed BoP would be great, some other landed ships would be good too, cargo haulers etc

  • Can we have an effect like air being sucked out into space for our interiors? Maybe even some of the wobbling debris parts that can be seen on the intro mission where you flush the borg out into space.

Overall I enjoyed making this mission, it took much longer than I thought it would though, again, I would love some feedback on it. Is it too long, short, easy, hard, too much text?
Good ro bad I wanna hear it.

Oh and Devs please work on a way for me to exort this to the Holodeck, I really dont want to have to make it all over again, especially as it has taken me 2 days to make.



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