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# 1 Foundry work around for Npc's.
12-13-2010, 12:31 AM
I dragged a squad of Fed npc's to a bridge. i took all but ONE and dragged them off the map completely. Now only one of the npc squad is visible. I set the npc to "sit captain's chair" as emote idle,and carefully placed her in the center seat. It worked. I did the same for other Bridge officer's to all have separate emote/bridge duties/text speech.I changed the "costumes" to my custom ones and gave them overhead names. In test mode it worked brilliant..i had an Officer sitting in Captain's chair barking orders,a helmsman talking about shield status, other Boff's saying whatever..BUT--the darned bug when played live..they are all standing up not moving. If this bug gets fixed that is one way to single out some Npc's from a squad

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