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# 1 crafting / economy
12-13-2010, 11:54 AM
First I like to thank cryptic for season three great job.......
I also like to say that I love that you put more items into crafting....
My issue and concern is that there is too much purple items being crafted and that the economy is getting saturated with Rare and Very Rare items. As well resources for items are flooding the market, and its only a matter of time before the game economy stalls and crashes...
My point is everyone gathers resources weather its doing missions or just farming. As well everyone has a toon that has maxed out their crafting level, and most players have ships maxed out with Rare and Very Rare items.
So if everyone is collecting resources and no one is buying crafted items, then no one buys resources the crafting and economy stops and crashes..
I think season 4 needs to address this issue..... When you bring in the third faction I think it would be best that Merchants / traders, Miners.. (Aka resource gathers...) and crafter Captains be playable as well..
A complete removal of the general everyone can craft, and collect resources system.
As well items that require constant purchase that are crafted.. items like these examples.... Batteries, engineering kits that can be uses ( X ) amount of times to use to fix consoles, Making of antimatter from resources for starship engine power, food and drink as consumables aboard ship so crew doesn't die.. energy clips for personal weapons, Mining equipment, Things of that nature. As well all craftable items now.
To avoid everyone crafting everything a max amount of types of skills can be used per toon.. example starship components, kits, personal kits, impuse engines, warp engines,,ect
Same as miners can only collect max amount of types.. example Browns, Dark blues, light blues, greens.
If you want to collect another type you have to drop one of your other ones.
Merchant / traders have to be listed in shops costing ( X) amount of credits , GPL per month. Example DS9 cost 100000 credits or 30000 GPL to list at there. Now if you want to list at earth spacedock as well it would also cost 300000 credits or 100000 GPL more for that listing.
Items, resources can be bought for credits or GPL.
Loot drops need to be reduced in the amount and things dropped. Should include more credits and GPL as loot and a item of consumable maybe a general item .

Miner (A) collects resources and takes it to a central point listing services and pays a listing fee and hope it sells or have a merchant comes to collect it and pays the miner right there ( Contract or no contract ) and the merchant has to sell it.. Thats where merchants can make deals and contacts with crafters. Crafters make deals contracts with traders / merchants for resources at what ever cost for so long of a time frame. A crafter can buy on the spot from a merchant at what ever price or have have a contracts with merchants at a set amount.
Then the crafter can sell things to merchants. Then the merchants can sell to the general community as well as black market items.. Example cross faction items.

Things Like this in the part or whole should be looked at to add depth to the game. The general community can sell off there loot as before.
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# 2
12-13-2010, 10:59 PM
You make a lot of assumptions in this thread. For instance I am in a nice sized guild and I am the only one with max crafting. I know people who never bother to collect samples , and plenty of them. The rate at which you see purples flowing into the game is going to drop when people run out of the rare samples they have been hording for X months.

The gear you can buy with emblems is still better than anything you can craft at the highest tier. The lower tiers don't really matter, green gear gets you through those just fine. It will give you some advantage in pvp , but not enough to make a suck player anything but what they are.

The crafting is fine. fix the bugs.

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