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The "All Good Things" uniform has several variants. Janeway is seen wearing an Admiral's variant and an optional trenchcoat, sure. There's a cadet uniform that's a recolor.

But the most common variation we see is belt height, which corresponds to age. This gets the uniform reputation as having "urkel pants" but this is primarily seen on the older cast members who wear it while young cast members have a beltline at or below that seen on the DS9, Voyager, and First Contact jumpsuits.

This could allow for some subtle differentiation between crew and between NPCs in The Foundry who use the uniform. The version seen on The Foundry has what I would consider to be a "middle aged" beltline, lower than Barclay's absurdly high beltline in "Endgame" but higher than we see it on anyone under the age of 40, pretty much.

This would be probably one of the most simple retextures that the developers could do. It doesn't require skin or allowances for trill spots. It doesn't require extensive remodeling or any new modeling, really.

It's just maybe three extra sets of textures:

- one higher than the current beltline
- one lower.
- one without a cummerbund and with a gold stripe (the dress uniform)

It would turn a costume into a nice little costume PACK and allow for variation in a crew while retaining the same basic look. Cryptic could then advertise five uniform variants (three belt heights, dress uniform and cadet (simply by recoloring the lowest height cummerbund look grey with division color stripe).

All basically by just retexturing whether there is a cummerbund and how high it is.

What do you think?
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12-13-2010, 04:50 PM
I wouldnt mind it, but id rather see it released sooner than later as im fine with it as it is. If this would take more time for it to get released than it already definately say no. Though this could be added after its released by putting it in a patch or something.
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12-13-2010, 04:54 PM
I think this is would be a wonderful implementation, especially since so many people seem to take issue with the belt-line. If given the option, I might even lower it myself.

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