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# 1 What's going on with The Cure?
12-13-2010, 10:51 AM
The past two Cure runs I have been on Armek has been doing some strange stuff which has made him insanely hard to kill. This has taken The Cure from being challenging hard, to not fun anymore hard! When the Cure was first released, there were a lot of options open to you for tactics. You had the popular no aggro method and pulling Armek at the end. You had the option to use Security Teams + Tac Initiative to bring down hoards or red shirts to blast your way through... It was even viable to send a tanking Engineer or a Close Combat Tac after Armek and not just a healing Sci, while you and your buddies sniped him from a distance. Cryptic doesn't seem to like us climbing hills in the Cure so now no Aggro is harder, but fine... like the Borg, we can adapt. Now with season 3, whenever my team goes to dance with Armek, pulling him is pointless because he will barely stray from his spawn point, forcing us to kill the 2 groups around him. OK fine they're dead... Now for some reason a good tank Engineer is unable to take Armek anymore... as if he hits harder now, cause we are ground spec'd. So we get the Sci to do it, it takes beyond forever cause he's a healer, and those 2 groups that spawn near Armek keep respawning over and over just like the node groups throughout the map. What on Earth is going on with the ground portion of the Cure??? it's not fun anymore, and why play a mission that feels like work? If you got any good strategies to get through the new, less fun, annoying, and downright painful Cure STF, please share them because I'm sure there are those out there far more discouraged with the Cure than myself and Fleet.

I do want to close by emphasizing that Infected, and Khitomer Accord, are still great! Furthermore, Terradome was cool before the glitches, and when they are fixed I'm sure it will be good again.

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