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# 1 Idea for crafting Schematics
12-13-2010, 03:48 PM
I love the new way the crafting is set up i thing it serves a better purpose in the game. it also make people want to do crafting, even if it just for themselves or Fleet. there are a few things i have seen that i think will make the experience and doing crafting more enjoyable and less of a mundane and repetitive grind.

1. i would like to be able to but Samples in the replicator and over time (live a ranking system) be able to reacquisition schematics as needed.
a. this would be a leveling system of its own and would require the following
Rank 1 250 samples of each and a 25% chance of a successful schematics being made
Rank 2 250 samples of each and a 50% " "
Rank 3 250 samples of each and a 75% " "
Rank 4 250 samples of each and a 100% " "

b. i know you would still have to collect samples at the same level and area as the one needed to Schematics, but that is way i would be replicating each one 1,000 credits. this way you would either spend the samples or credits for them. (note: i would not go as far as using GPL, it would be a wast of time)

i just think this would make crafting more fun that it already is. it would also help thous who are not in a fleet to level up quicker so they can improve on their own ship.

2. i would implement this once someone reaches the half way mark. once they do Ranks 1 & 2 would be unlocked then once they maxed out 3 & 4. i think by the time they get 1000 of each total 3000, i think someone should get the right to make the schematics with out having to farm all day.

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