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Greetings, Captains!

Ever wonder what a particular editor field does? (such as “Map Mission”) Look no further, here I will attempt to show the Editor dialog followed by definitions followed by the result for ease of viewing and use. Check out the Foundry Definitions page on for updates.

Please also leave feedback, while I have done technical writing at my job I would hardly call it a career and I would like some feedback on how useful it is and easy to use before I continue. I was paralyzed in my mission writing process because I wanted to tweak everything I could and was not sure what my limitations are. I hope my research helps any newbies out there, it took me hours and I'm still not even through my first mission.

I'm off for vacation for a few days, I will check back after I return.
-Allen out
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12-14-2010, 01:38 AM
You have left a few things open because you didn't know what it meant. I think I can help

Waypoint set to Automatic seems to create the circle area on the (mini)map. That can be helpful.
Reach Marker - Reached Text: When you reach the area, the text is displayed across the screen. (It is relatively subtle and easily missed.).
Pop-Up Dialog - Comstumes: am not 100 % sure, but I think you can use any costume, not just from your map.
Transition - Leave from: If you want to "force" people to be close to a location (for example, a ship) they beam to, this might be useful.

Your To Do list:
I am not sure where you want to add columns. Unfortunately, the sidebar is stealing a lot of space for your post, so a vertical layout might not be that useful.

You could try make the distance between section end and new section begin larger.


Overall, I like it. Would have been useful to me if I hadn't already figured it out myself.

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