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12-15-2010, 01:33 PM
as long as someone on the dev team have played wow before, then they would know what one mean. if you hasnt played wow or are a newbie, then this wont matter much to you personally.


was thinking that if this sounds too much work, maybe we can reuse the current LFG window, but with 3 changes.
1. your comment and status are reset on every log out.
2. you had to click on a button to be active on the list every time.
3. make it global across all zones, the current system only show the ppl in your zone, which is in fact a major downside for tthe system.
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# 12
12-15-2010, 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by WEII
With the upcoming loot set we'll all be grinding STF again. Time again to ask cryptic for a better LFG dialogue box, rather than everyone doing mass spam on the zone chat.

Just in case you dont know, we already have some type LFG dialogue box. it is hidden away in the social tab, essentially you can set up your comment as, for example, "LFG infected" and ppl can look at your comment to see what you want. TBH, it not working very well for 2 simple reason.
1. ppl dont know about it.
2. ppl forget to change their comment, and comment never resets.

Be as i compare this game to wow again, the LFG window in wow works very well (shall i explain more? i am sure everyone played wow at least once before). if not for the following reason.
1. ppl knows about it and uses it. just think of the spam on global chat if ppl didnt use it
2. you have to deliberately click on something to get on the list, and the list of split across the "STF". the fact that you can also add comments (ie shadow priest), see other's class and level is a minor point.
3. when you log off, you are off the list. therefore everything resets and next time you want to be on the list you had to deliberately click on something again. was there also a timed out, i cant remember,
I agree that a better team-finding system would be good. But also, I have never played WoW before and have no intention to ever do so. I don't think that is uncommon among the STO userbase.
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# 13
12-15-2010, 01:36 PM
Would like to see some easier to use LFG features too. Shouting in zone gets old

On a side note, I'd hardly call completing 4 missions once a grind. If the equipment set pieces dropped inside of the STFs, then I could see, but not how its supposed to be implemented.
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# 14
12-15-2010, 01:45 PM
if the release of a new weekly is anything to go by. there will be a lot of ppl in the game at the release date of the stf set and they will all be spaming zone chat all at the same time. hence maybe a good time to introduce a new LFG window and make sure ppl knows about it on stf release date. it would be the easiest way to let the most ppl know about the new feature, as everyone will be online looking for it.

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