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# 1 My Next Mission Coming Soon
12-15-2010, 08:22 AM
It is. but i'm not even sure if any one has been able to play my first mission "The Q In My Side".

Anyway, the next mission takes you to Drozana Station in search of a Ferengi named Tak. Tak is no one special, just a casual around Drozana. Once you accept your mission from another Ferengi you fly over to Drozana and go to the next map. When you beam down there are alot of Klingons hanging around talking and taunting you but they never do anything else. Once in the main area you need to question some of the patrons hanging around. Once you find the person head over to speak to Tak. Tak will give you something she smuggled off one of the Klingon ships that left on their quest to find the weapon. Once you have it you beam back to your ship to analyze it. Q interrupts and starts running his mouth about how long it is taking you to get started. After all that you attain info from the "module" that lets you know where the Klingons were heading next. Before you can leave though, a few Klingon bad boys show up with Tak the Ferengi as prisoner in tow. They are on to you and they will try to destroy your ship. Don't let them, destroy the Klingons but disable the ship with Tak on it. Beam her over, then get on your way because more Klingon ships are on the way. To Be Continued

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