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12-22-2010, 12:40 AM
*Snipers pick off some of the Andellioni's men*
*in a flurry of gunshots, Daren falls to the ground, as the van's sub-machine gun started up, shotting several fleeing mobsters*
Ok fells, let's go!
*Men raid the ship*
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12-22-2010, 12:55 AM
As gunshots propogate the scene, Mikey and Lucas have way too much fun with the sniper, killing 5 mobsters, 2 of their own men, a rat, 3 ducks, a news anchor, hit Al Pacino but his character role deflects it hitting a bad Tron reference, and 5 people from a crossover Battlestar Galactica universe.

Meanwhile, Jon had his hands quite full...

"Retreat to the ship! Take up defensive positions and give 'em h***!"

Jon capped 2 enemy mobsters, then ran to the boat and took cover.

"We can't let them get this stuff! Raul, go get our secret weapon at pier 3!"

Raul took off running, diving behind crates as he went.

Meanwhile, Paul took charge of the crew in the armored car:

"Keep the machinegun fire going! As soon as they blow up the ship, take a sheilding position so we can get our men out of here!"

Going back to Mikey and Lucas on the roof:

"Seems quiet here, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, almost too quiet... Anyway, our part is done. Let's get out of here."

However, just as Lucas jumped off, sniper shots rang out. Mikey dived, but Lucas took a shot to the leg.

"I'm hit!"

He promptly fainted and was carried back to the compound by Mikey

Meanwhile, Jon finally had his men in position to retreat: All he needed now was confirmation from Raul.

2 minutes later, it came:

"Jon, it's Raul! I'm ready to fire! Get the h*** off that thing!"

Jon rallied his troops for the retreat: "You heard him, go, go ,go!"

They all filed in behind the armored car and made a prompt retreat. Out on the water, something moved.

"Okay, Raul. We're clear. Do it."

On the bay, a Destroyer's cannon rotated.


And the cargo ship went up in flames.

Back at the compound:

"Hey, Paul."

"So Raul. How exactly were you planning to pay for use of that ship, hmm?"


"The Don's not gonna be happy, is he?"

"No, no he is not. I'm dead, aren't I?"

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12-22-2010, 12:59 AM
Oh ****
Ok everyone....Plan B
Ok everyone, escape!

*the Mazzanti gang packup their equipment into their car and van and leave*
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12-22-2010, 01:02 AM
hehehe... I've been wanting to blow up at least ONE ship.

Anyway, as a side note, the Destroyer seems a little overpowered, so it got re-assigned to the Agean sea.
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12-22-2010, 01:13 PM
"D-Don Andellioni?"

"Ah, Raul. Please come in. You have nothing to worry about, the boat was re-assigned to the Agean sea"

"So you're not gonna kill me?"

"Quite the contrary; See, on that little incident at the docks, Lucas got his leg shot. He's recovering under guard as we speak, but that leaves us a bit of a gap in the ranks."

The Don took a deep breath.

"Raul. This attack by the Mazzantis cannot go unresolved. We will try to make peace, but if they do this again, it could come to war. Raul, I'm putting you permanantly into my Caporegime. You're a good man, and you've always been loyal to the family. Your time for promotion is much past due."

"Thank you, Don Andellioni."

"Okay, now get outta here and have some dinner to celebrate a job well done, eh?"

After Raul left, the Don turned toward the window and watched. It had begun to rain, very heavily.

"War, indeed. Heh. Been a long time since one of those happened here. Might want to call in some extra capital just in case."

The Don walked over to the phone and dialed up a number.

"Hey, It's Don Andellioni. Listen, we need to talk, Moe."
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12-23-2010, 01:34 AM
Originally Posted by spartan844
The Don walked over to the phone and dialed up a number.

"Hey, It's Don Andellioni. Listen, we need to talk, Moe."
*scene turns into "The Little Italy" bar & resturaunt, the Mazzanti family playing pool and talking in the background, Joe, the barkeeper on the phone*
Tonight? with THEM watching? *looks over to them, they aren't noticing him on the phone*
"Yes. Albert Park. 7PM, by the fountain"

*cut to Albert Park. A dark night, the fountain's splashing being the only sound. On a bench, Joe waits patiently, checking his watch. A black Schubert '38 slowly pulls up, it's headlights turned off, the Don and his driver get out and walk to the bench*

"Joe, do you mind if we talk in the car? I don't want to get talking confidential stuff here."
"Thanks, now then..."
*they clamber into the car, and it moves off into the darkness*

Today has been ****. The Mazzati's attempted to raid that ship containing our goods. We need an inside man, to advise us. If we're not careful, this could turn into a full scale Mafia war. And I don't want innocents to get caught up. Such a public attack would damage us if we didn't have a motive.
You want me to spy on my own family?
"As unusual, and somewhat dangerous the request is, I'm sure your bar doesn't want to need repairs"
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12-23-2010, 10:22 PM
(Raul is now in Lime)

"So boss, do we have an insider?"

"Don't worry about it. It's not resting easy on my though- I don't like Mob Wars, and I don't like threatning good men. We're asking a lot of him, but it will be for the greater good in the end- If we know where and when these guys are going to strike, we'll be able to avoid that and not have to seek blood repirations."

"What a crazy world it is, eh boss?"

"... Raul, you should have been a philosopher."

"Aw, c'mon, boss! That just wouldn't be as fun!"
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12-26-2010, 09:24 AM
"Congradulations on the promotion, Raul!"

"Thanks, Paul!"

"Hey, Raul. Listen, Lucas is outta the hospital, and you just became a Capo, so the Caporegime, Ceshmia, and myself are all headin down to the bar to celebrate. Bring your friend Paul, too! Meet us there in half an hour. Don't worry, the places is guarded tighter than the Corleone compound in the New York."

"Thank, we'll be right over, Mikey!"


"Merry Christmas From All Of Us In The Andellioni Family"
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12-27-2010, 07:32 AM
*Inside "The Little Italy" Bar, with a 'closed' sign, Harry Manchino and Luca Ferrero are sitting and talking at the bar, along with a few henchmen*
Joe, what's up? I ain't seen you so sad since that broad you were screwing died in a car crash.
Ahh, it's nothing fellas. I just feel so **** these past few days. ACHOO!
Geesh. Go to the doctor, or at least do a few less hours. I don't want no cold at this time of year!
So, fellas, what's the plans for the next few days?

*Ms Francessca appears from nowhere, in a bright red dress*
Fellas, please. All eyes on me. And no, not my chest.

*her driver growls at the men, then clears his throat*
The raid against the Adellionis was ****poor.
Gentlemen, I haven't seen such ramshackle operations since Dr Meriden was 'hired' at the hospital. For now, we're playing it cool.

Harry, you're taking Ms Francesca to the Opera tonight, no choices, no questions.
Hey Harry, you didn't tell us you two were an item!
We're not. However, a young single woman at the Opera is unusual. Harry here is still fairly unknown to the Adellionis family, as am I. We have suspicion to believe some of their Capo's are there tonight seeing the same production as us.
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12-27-2010, 08:52 AM
*Meanwhile, at the Bar on Southside*

[stuff said by all chars., such as laughter, in white, so for this entry, this color is for Paul]

"Haha!! And then, when the destroyer shot the ship, aw, man! You shoulda seen the look on the truck driver's face!"


"Man, that's funny! Oh, remember that time, back when me and Lucas here got sent to Yonkers for an op? We screwed it up real bad, but it was hilarius!""


"Anyway, Raul, congradulations on becoming a Capo. You've truely proven yourself, and it'll be good to have ya."

"Hey, thanks man."

"And you, too, Paul. You aren't good enough to be a Capo yet, but you're still very good at what you do."


*At this point, a man walks up to Ceshmia, whispers in his ear, and Ceshmia pays him*

"It always helps to have friends in high places. That was the mayor just now, actually. Says that some of the Brazinilis who made it off the boat haven't gone home yet. They're at the opera house, and any major operation there will discredit us. So no opera tonight, boys. On the bright side..."

*Ceshmia turns to face the barman*

"Barman! Another round, on me."

*The barman nods and brings the drinks, and the Don eventually arrives and joins them. As the night drags on, the Andellioni's have one last toast to a new year, then head back to the compound. Most sleep souldly, but still the Don is awake long into the night, thinking of how to stop the impending mob war. He eventually dozes off, and for that, his conscience was lucky- for just half an hour after, the shots rang out from the operahouse*

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