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12-27-2010, 11:40 PM
*meanwhile, in The Little Italy bar....
Goood Morning ladies and gents of Lost Haven! A thrilling news story now; Lost Haven's Opera House was witness to a shoot-out between some local thugs and some Brazilians. Police are looking for an Irish man 6ft tall, aged about 30, with a shaved head, and 3 to 5 Irish men, all of about 25, will thick black hair.

Police were saying that it looks like there was going to be a tradeoff between the two groups of men in the Opera House lobby when the Brazilinis were ambushed by the Irish mob and slaughtered in the Opera House. Makes a change from those Italians, eh folks?!

Anyhoo. Investigators are still puzzled by the loss of the CS Kilroy, a merchant vessel, lost near our harbour last week. And now.....

*radio is turned off*
Thank god we didn't have to do anything last night.
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12-28-2010, 01:34 PM
(Brazinilis, not Brazillians)

*Don Andellioni walked over to the phone. It was time to settle something.*

"Joe. It's me. I need you to arrange a meeting with your Don. No guards, just a peaceful meeting on the pier. I have some important information that we cannot ignore."
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12-30-2010, 05:25 AM
*Inside "The Little Italy" Bar, with a 'closed' sign, Joe is cleaning up the Bar after a long day's work, and the phone rings*
Hello, Little Italy Bar.
Joe. It's me. I need you to arrange a meeting with your Don. No guards, just a peaceful meeting on the pier. I have some important information that we cannot ignore.
Understood. What time?
Tonight. I'll be there a while.
I'll tell her now. She'll be there in about an hour.
See him there then.
*phone line goes dead. Harry Manchino Luca Ferrero enter the bar, along with a few henchmen*
Joe, who was that?
Ahh, it's nothing fellas. I'll be back shortly, got to talk to the Don.
*Joe heads through the Staff door looking thoughtful*
Geesh. What was that about?
*Joe knocks the office door*
*joe comes in*
Ms Francesca, The Don from the Adellionis wants to meet up tonight at the pier. There won't be any guns or any security there.
Alright, I suppose it beats waiting here doing nothing.
*she clears her throat*

*her driver enters*
What now, Frankie?
Get the car ready. NOW.

*cut to the pier. Don Adellioni is leaning on the railing watching the waves lap at the pier supports, then notices a black Shubert '38 pulling up, though thinking nothing of it. He then decides to sit down on the bench, and takes a sip from his hipflask*
*Mr Francesca, meanwhile, steps out of the Schubert '38 and walks towards the Don*
Mr. Adellioni?
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12-30-2010, 11:23 AM
"So you came. Heh. Didn't think you'd agree to such a callous thing. But I know you better than that. Hey, you! Behind the car with the Navy 6! Get outta here!"

"I call foul! How'd ya know I was there?"

" I've been in this businuess too long to be fooled by such simple tricks, Ms. Francesca. Now, to business. I think its time we buried the hatched, if only temproarily. Remember back when the Titorti Family started musceling in from the suburbs? Well, once again, our city is besiged by those from other areas. I trust you are aware of what transpired a few nights ago at one of my shipping centers. We gained some valuable intel."

*Scene changes to a sniper's view from a warehouse*

"We discovered it when our men boarded the Brazilini ship. One of our men found a stateroom for their Don. They weren't about to give up because of the loss of someone in a high place. They see a major businuess opprotunity in New Haven, and they won't tolerate ano other fam..."

*The Don's voice trails off and he looks around, then suddenly pushes Ms. Francesca down and pulls out a conceiled magnum and points it at the warehouse, and fires. A man with a sniper rifle falls from the roof.*

"Yup, he's a Barzilini. It's not safe here. Get your man and get out of here, I have my car somewhere else. I'll call you later. Go!"

*And with that, Don Andellioni got in his car and sped off*
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12-31-2010, 06:00 AM
*Back at the Little Italy Bar*
..And he took off, just like that?
Yup. Mentioned something about Brazalinis then sped off into the distance.
Well, fellas, it may look like we'll have to join with our rival family if we're to stand any chance of success.
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01-01-2011, 04:42 PM
More bad news, sir. The Barzilinis took the Haven Heights warehouse.

"Thank you, Vinney. Raul! Move your men in to take the warehouse back. I'm sending Lucas's men to cover you. Gee, hope Mikey's mission is goin okay..."

*Meanwhile, down by the industrial park...*

"Haha! Another walk in the park, eh Paul?"

"I didn't know it would be that easy, Mikey. That's more dead Barzilinis."

" Right. More of them are arriving tonight. We're gonna ambush them at the docks. Come on, men!"

So the mob war continues...
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01-04-2011, 12:39 AM
*Inside "Happy Toy" shop, at midnight, with a 'closed' sign, Harry Manchino, Sam Betore and Luca Ferrero are in the managers office, and it's nearly 1AM. They're hunched over the safe...*
This job's **** easy.
Yeah, raiding a toyshop late at night before they send away their profits, especially with no security makes it a really profitable go. Pass me that explosive putty, Luca!
Here ya go. And remember, only enough to blow the lock.
*Sam tears off some of the explosive putty, and carefully rolls it into a line, and presses into the lock on the safe*

Alright fellas, all'sa go!
*they leave the room, save Sam, who lights the fuse then runs out, then there's a small explosion and a grey cloud*
It's robbing time, fellas! Hurry it up!
*they all scramble into the office, and pack the money into bags, to the sound of a Siren outside*

****! They know. Keep it quiet, fellas, and we can use the backway.
*they creep out, and go into the staff room, and Harry looks out the window, and there's only a single cop, and he's more interested in listening to the radio. Harry makes a "shh" motion, carefully opens the window, then climbs out, and sneaks upto the cop, and garots him*

*Harry looks around, sees it's all clear, then motions the other two, then goes to the getaway car, and starts it up and reverses it nearer the window. Sam carefully climb out, Luca then passing the bags to Sam, then Luca attempts to climb out, and manages to fall out, and seethes in pain*

*whispering*you imbocile!
*Sam and Luca load up the car, then Sam climbs in, then Luca eyes the police car, then knocks on the driver's glass on the getaway car*
Psst. Harry. Do we need a cop car?
Not really....but it's a good idea. Rob his uniform too. I tell ya what, we'll escape, you can rob his uniform, and you can bring the car back.
*Luca nods, and the car manouvers out of the carpark, then speeds into the distance*

*Luca watches, then goes over to the cop, and starts removing his uniform, and the cop slowly wakes up*
No! Please, NOOOOOO!
*Luca shoots him, then continues robbing his uniform, steals the keys, then gets in the cop car, and drives off*
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01-04-2011, 12:29 PM
" Mikey. Listen, it's the Don. We've lost one of our corrupt cops to the Brazinillis. Word is they're payen double what we did. Eliminate said cop. Cop car 52."

*Cop car drives by, a bit too quickly*

"Well, there it is, Boys. Let's go."
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01-04-2011, 12:35 PM
****. I got some Adellioni's following me. Let's what a cop car can do!
*increases speed, and enters the Denton river road tunnel to escape*
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01-04-2011, 12:37 PM
"Shoot him, Vinney."

"Bring it on!"

*Vincent opens the side window, picks up a Tommy Gun, and opens fire*

"This thing can outrace any cop car!"

*Increaces speed*

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