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I am constantly seeing people in Infected space, destroying the 4 generators then people wasting time attacking the normal spheres.

Once the 4 generators are down there are 2 objectives only. Destroy the transformer as fast as possible, and make sure the nanites don't get close. The normal spheres are just there to distract you. Ignore them. By attacking them all that is happening is time is being wasted on the clock and you run the risk of a nanite getting through.

I see people attacking the spheres around the transformer and even worse is the person on nanite duty actually attacking a sphere before the nanite and often letting the nanite sneak through or get dangerously close.

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09-18-2012, 11:29 AM
When I first go in after killing the first cube I always attack the sphere above the transformer. In Elite there is a tactical cube there so it is just habit. I agree about ignoring the normal spheres, but if you have to have someone on nanite duty you are doing it wrong. I played probably 8 or 9 normal infected space yesterday and only 1 group knew how to get the generators down to 10% and pop them all at the same time. Then attack the transformer together ignoring the normal spheres. When you do it that way the transformer dies so quick the nanites have no time to get there. So you won't need a person on nanite duty. Once the transformer is down then everyone can attack the nanites and normal spheres together and clean them out. You can only ignore the spheres in Elite for so long so you have to be quick. About 3 or 4 shots from a sphere and your shields need to be healed.

It is really hard to explain this to players while you are in STFs, even the normal ones. I learned by coming here and by watching videos on youtube. I really hate to see people call people noobs ...etc while in a STF. It is pointless. What bothers me the most is 90% of these players are in "fleets" I guess most of the fleets are just needing bodys to fill in resources, doffs, dilithium ...etc. They are not teaching anything to their members. Anyways that is whole different discussion, but just thought I would make a comment.

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