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So I'm doing a mission where there is a cardassian interrogator. The problem is he heals everyone around him and I can't figure out how to counter him. I just got done fighting him for 20 minutes and was never able to get him below half health.

Is there some strategy for taking out healers, or an ability that will let me disable him so I can kill him?
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12-18-2010, 10:06 AM
uhm... knockdowns... stun setting phasers....?

maybe keep damaging chars arround him so he wastes his heals on the other chars while your NPC's are focussed firing on him?

Maybe use a Bat'leth, those things bypass shields and damage health directly

one time i did read that someone removed all weapons from his BO's so they started punching him.

If that doesn't help just drop the difficulty, some of the NPC's never got adjusted to the difficulty sliders.
Klingon Swordmasters and Romulan Medics are 2 of them. And everything that has Dual Wield Disruptor Pistols....

that is what you get when you add a difficulty Slider AFTER the game is mostly finished.
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12-19-2010, 09:51 AM
Target the healer (Interrogator, Medic, whatever is its) and have your BOs focus fire on it. It's either the X or the Crosshair mark, I forget which, but there's a tooltip that indicates which it is.

That'll make it tremendously easy. On my Sci (which uses the Medic kit, so no real debuffs), I can easily take one down in a few seconds by ordering my BOs to focus fire.

Using a mix of Expose and Exploit weapons helps as well.
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12-19-2010, 02:19 PM
It helps if your BOffs use expose weapons that have an AoE. Dual Pistols and Wide beam pistols are both good choices. And if you use something that hits hard and exploits, potentially also AoE, like a Split Beam Rifle.

Further boosting your DPS with resist debuffs and having engineers that use phaser turrets also helps. It is also a good idea to position yourself so as many of the rest of your team is flanking, to increase their damage.

And, of course, focus fire on what you want to kill. There's a button you can press on the UI, the X. It has a default shortcut of Y.

A single healer isn't so bad. A shielded healer combined with a shielded guy who recharges shields in the low levels, that can be a bit of a pain

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