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# 1 STO Fleet "Upgrade" Idea
12-18-2010, 06:01 PM
First off Forgive my for how wordy and long winded this post is.

Where does STO fall Flat?

Is it in the Missions? The Levelling? The Skill System? The Classes? PVP?
I my Opinion it's none of the Above. That only leaves one thing left. The Social interaction system.
Sure its fine, it works, it brings players together, lets the send in game Emails, even send tribbles in the Mail, (That’s probably outlawed by the Federation Council BTW). But if that’s all that there is then you might as well be playing EQ2.
So I submit my Idea here for consideration.

First I like the Idea of Fleets in the Game, but what makes a STO Fleet any different from a Guild, or Alliance or, Group, or [insert name here] conglomeration of players?
Currently nothing. This is where I think it needs to change. I hear they are bring in Fleet Star-bases, wither or not this is True I don't know. But it is a step in the Right direction. Your probably asking well what more could/should there be?
My Answer is Lots more. For example. Wouldn't it be more interesting if there was more then just one kind of “Guild/Fleet” and that depending on the type of Fleet you were in you would get access to different abilities, and that these Abilities are “bought” by the Fleet? Some are even granted by participation in certain missions, maybe there should be missions that are only available to a Group of members of a fleet. But that’s moving away from my originally post.
To Move things along this is my Idea.
Expand the Fleet Idea. Why have one Type of Fleet, when the Universe allows for so much more. Instead of Having a Fleet. As the Base Guild, Get people to join Corps instead, Engineers Corps, Science Corps, and Tactical Corps, Or something along those lines. And give members of those Corps Extra skills, or Abilities, or even Passive bonuses, Things that can be improved, with Credits, C-Store Items, and by Players Sacrificing XP. Then Allow these Corps to Join together as a Fleet. And Giving the Fleet members similar abilities, Maybe based on the type and number of Corps that are in the fleet. Also allow for Skills and Abilities to be bought (altho at a much higher Cost)
Maybe allow for different kinds of Fleets, RP Fleets, PVP Fleets, maybe even have a sort of Maintenance cost by forcing the Fleets to Participate in a Special mission of Face Dissolution by Starfleet Command, or the KDF?

Any way I have more then this but I thought I get the Communities input before I say more.
I also would like to say that the Makers of STO are likely working hard, and just haven't gotten around to this issue yet. But I think an expanded Socal/PVP system would give all those RA Some where to go once they Max out their levels, and are sick of just doing Daily Missions over and over, and doing PVP with random or not random people.

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