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Hello any reader!

I played the Beta and it lacked alot so i ended up never buying the game. I was doing **** and a bit wow and was waiting for ToR that was hyped to be released very soon . Well ToR didn't get released and **** was just to laggy for me to think it was fun playing pvp. WoW, well iv been around that game since it released and after 7 years now it's pretty boring to play for my taste heh.

So short story iv been unsubscribed 2 months now with nothing to play as i don't realy find any of them funny anymore. Had nothing to do so i wen't on buying Star Trek that atleast give me new content and a MMO not very alike all 11 iv played beside Eve in a small way.

Atleast i hope i end up having a bit fun with star trek meanwhile ill wait for ToR release in mid 2011. I only played the Beta for 2 weeks i think so im pretty nub for the game so if got any hints and good tips feel free to help me out. The more ill know the more fun ill have playing :p.

P.S iv been reading forums alot so i know the game is not close to be "good" but i wanna try it out anyway. So any negative posts how stupid i am buying it, plz dont bother post. Thanks!!

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