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I recently published a mission called "The Syndicate Extraction" and took some screenshots:

Pax's Trading Emporium
Nausicaan Pirates

Starfleet has an agent on a deep cover assignment infiltrating a group of Orion Syndicate members in the Veela System, Regulus Sector Block. She has requested an extraction, and it's up to you and your crew to recover her.

If you have some time, please give it a try
As it is new, you may need to be a reviewer to see it, as it hasn't been reviewed yet.


Rather than have a separate thread, here's some screenshots from my first mission, called "Dynamo Distress".

U.S.S. Dynamo
Out of the flames

The U.S.S. Dynamo has failed to arrive at Starbase 114. You are assigned to investigate it's disappearance. It last reported in from the Dace System, Regulus Sector Block.

Please try this one too!

*NOTE: As you may be aware, NPC animations are not working in published missions, so please ignore the NPCs that are standing on tables because they are meant to be lying down :p

These are two completely separate missions, they are not a story chain or series as most people seem to be doing, so you can do these two in any order.

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