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12-23-2010, 06:08 AM
The secret:

If your working on a mission that is a work in progress...publish it, try it...take it down.

Don't leave missions up that you intend to do a lot more work on...ratings are forever.
If you get 2 -3 1-star ratings.....its done, pull it, start from scratch. It may not be your fault
but that will not change it's rating..and nobody will touch it...start brand new and rebuild it.

there are just some things that will never change.
Lt. Commander
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12-23-2010, 06:21 AM
Originally Posted by apt.pupil
yeah- i hear you on that.

actually now that I look, i have 5 ratings, with an average of 1 star, but no one has left feedback, so I dont know where to look to fix. there is only 1 review that has 4/5 on it, but once again no commentary. Would the other 4 ratings be from when I have play- tested the mission right through to the end, but didn't leave any feedback on my own mission or give it a rating?
i tried your mission and sent you a mail which will explain my feedback. i had trouble completing it due to the difficulty as i played it solo (even though its meant for a team as you say) so i chose not to leave feedback via the system itself as it seemed unfair as i would have to grade it poorly because i could not complete. my mail explains more.

anyway the system is bugged so you probably dont have 5 ratings, it just tells you that it has. it would seem you only have the one person play it and they gave you 4 stars but your average rating is 1 star.

that is because the system is dividing your score by 5 instead of the number of people who have played it. other people have the same problem so they need to fix that.

it seems the person who did play it chose not to leave any feedback.

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