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# 1 ...Still on the search
12-27-2010, 11:57 PM
I am not on a search for the perfect fleet....

But I have tried a few.
1. I don't like having to go through some kind of stupid ritual (or tests) to get into your fleet.
(I don't have the time nor patience for it)
2. This is not my first MMO (I played FFXI for 8 years I know pain and grinding)
(I will not even get into STF's BS)
3. I do not like being talked down to nor required to do extra things in a game that has nothing that requires me to do so.
4. I only have ONE Character and chose to improve and get this character the best it can be.
(FFXI Experience)
5. I would prefer a fleet that does NOT play multiple games. It seems that things come priority to some and secondary to others so a Fleet that deals with this game would be Ideal.

Not very simple requests. I am just tired of playing games in terms of recruitment. I am a 28 year old male that has dealed with more in terms of "role playing that I care to deal with." I want to enjoy the company of others whatever the capacity might be. I take orders well in terms of the mission (STFs / ETC) but when it comes to making me take a test to get into your fleet that's entirely different.

I would like to hang out with people who are there for casual play and (if STO ever goes Hardcore play) would not mind helping and also has things pretty well established in terms of a fleet to accept my assistance also, so offer your best, I would like to challenge it.

My ego is huge and I LOVE to discuss Politics and Religion in ventrillo and teamspeak.
(I wish I could underline that)

I think I am the absolute opposite of a "good member".
I say what I think and if something is wrong I stand for the people not for myself.
It has gotten me into trouble more times than I can count.

Now onto my abilities. I am a SCI Vice Admiral with multiple ships and maxed crafting.
I enjoy dalies and making myself and my fleet/linkshell/guild members exceed their full potential.
What do I mean by this?
Inviting others to join me on Dailies....seeing if they would like to get thier poo pushed in by STFs
Anything to keep themselves going.
The thing I am in this game is worried at times people will yell at the lowly SCI officer trying to heal ya, but to be honest, in such a game what can you expect?

I do what I can.

If you can handle that, send me a PM and post in here to tell me how direct and scary and how I will not attract any fleets. I would enjoy the debate. If you would like to recruit me, send me a PM or see me in-game.


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