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The fourth and final part of this miniseries revolving around an anchient weapon to kill a Q is the most challenging mission I have tried to do so far. I have learned a lot by trial and error in the first three episodes. In this fourth episode I am implementing everything I have learned so far and a whole lot more. A few things I am doing is.....

1. Make the affect happen close to what it is in game, when you enter the wormhole at Deep Space 9.
2. You are required to dock at a pylon on DS9 in order to continue your mission.
3. Drastically improve storytelling to the point where it makes you feel like you actually have control over what happens, even though right now we don't have different paths to take.
4. I am experimenting with actual multi paths for you to take so you can either be hostile, diplomatic, etc.
5. I am working on a way to open dialogue with your BO's while in warp. If this is accomplished a lot of the story telling can be juiced up and the reading will be cut down during action time. I got this idea from a post on here before.
6. I will be pushing the Costume Creator. I know to some it might be nothing to create a changeling but to me that was a nice accomplishment.
7. I am going to up the number of plot twists. When you are finished I want you to say cool ending, didn't see that coming.
8. Continueation is key for me. Even though this is a four part story, every mission I publish will be the continuation of the last. When Foundry does go live on Holodeck every mission I have done will be redone in order to tie them together even more.

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