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12-25-2010, 04:32 AM
1) When are we going to see our starship interiors being used for some internal crew missions or an alien presence trying to take over our ship, at the moment our BOF's are like equipment, consoles etc there isn't any real relationships or feelings with them, if we had crew missions then we would feel a connection and it would also give us something to do in our ship instead of just going there to look at tropheys and replay missions.

2) What are the chances of implementing some sort of reverse engineering function into the game either as a player skill or a console in the engineering department with a mini game that will allow us to break down equipment into components that can be used to craft other things instead of scanning for those resources.

If you want to put it as a player skill make it to the engineering profession so we have to speak to our fleet engineers to get the work done or there could be a replicator or console in our engineering department that we can goto and select our items and play a little mini game to break them down, this can all be luck based on our player skills etc to determine what we get in return.

3) When is the game going to be more Star Trekky with allowing us to fly to planets etc from our bridge and have more trek feeling missions instead of having to wait for the weekly episode content.

4) Are we going to move the storyline on or come up with something else as we've been fighting the klingons for nearly a year now and to be honest it doesn't feel like a war in the game there is no open PVP, sectors are not available to be captured to show if the klingons are winning the war or if the feds are, we can't raid the enemies starbases etc. When are we going to see improvements to make it feel like a real war?
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12-25-2010, 04:52 AM
Will the there me new playable Federation Escorts or Science ships coming out any time soon? We have plenty of Cruisers already.
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12-25-2010, 06:06 AM
I've asked before and I'll ask again :p

Are there any plans to include shuttle missions within the game? The extra dimensions it would add to the STO universe would be tremendous.

Also, Is there any possibility of the Foundry missions on Tribble somehow being ported to the Holodeck version when it goes live.

Finally, would it be possible for Cryptic to release a list of their personal favourite Foundry missions
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12-25-2010, 06:31 AM
Could you please make open PVP areas of space ?
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12-25-2010, 07:56 AM
Would you care for some Help with the Romulan Expansion pack?
>We Beta Tested Romulans in Star Fleet Command
> Were a member of a very Highly ranked Romulan Faction for years.

Hope the Foundry inspires some inner Empire Creations for Follow ups to the Hobus discoveries ...

Im enjoy the vibe from Klingon action and wish to see you Re-visit the MArtok v TORG House conflict as a ideal template to create new episodes..

Please Have fun everyday you go to park your car in front of Cryptic HQ and take a smile in that door..
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12-25-2010, 08:32 AM
I have a few questions if I may.

1.) Will we be able to set the races and genders of the NPC crewmen wandering the interiors of our ships?
2.) Will we be able to set a standard uniform for crewmen wandering the interiors of our ships?
3.) Any plans on creating more uniforms or options for current uniforms? Like sleeve lengths or collar options?
4.) Any plans to have ship interior designs unique to the bridge modules we can select/purchase from in game and the C-Store?
5.) With the 400 day veteran rewards coming up are there any plans to have a new unique area for Lifetime subscribers? I'm not too keen on having my Joined Trill on ice from a Breen bio thermal dampener being tossed around like water balloons on a hot summer's day.
6.) Any plans for more ship customization options for players to customize? Such as a wider variety of saucers, hulls, nacelles, struts, new hull plating visuals/colors/view ports, and hull patterns?
7.) Any chance for more flyable shuttle craft? Or the option to "land" a shuttle on a planet/station instead of always using the transporters?
8.) More Liberated Borg characters to create. Like a Liberated Borg Caitian, Joined Trill (maybe with glowing spots =^.^= ), Andoirians, Vulcans, ect... Ok, maybe a dream of mine. ^^'
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12-25-2010, 08:41 AM
Whats up with the ground combat overhaul or tweaks that were in development? will we EVER see a first person option?
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12-25-2010, 10:42 AM
Regarding "Unknown" Alien species -

Do you ever think we could get:

A) The ability to give them a species name? (Being considered just a generic "alien" feels weird)

B) More parts, particularly parts from species we've purchased via the C-Store? (You'd have to buy them from the C-Store before you could use them of course)

C) An in-game library where we can put some historical data about said species, their history, and for other players; how to create one of their very own?


If you need a shorter version:

Are Unknown alien players going to get a little more support to really help integrate their creations with the Star Trek IP, and specifically STO's body of lore?
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12-25-2010, 11:15 AM
1. Any chance that players could capture enemy ships and fly around doing missions in those?

2. Are there any plans to allow players to spend or redeem Accolade points?

3. Will there ever be a way to transfer a character from one paying account to another paying account, even if the transfer costs real money or is only allowed once every X amount of time?

4. Will there ever be an ability to add more bridge officer "stations" so that more high level BO abilites can be used in space? It's frustrating to have so many BO points and BO skills but not be able to use most of them. (Maybe accolade points could be spent for these "station" upgrades).

5. Any chance for a character class switch item as a C store item?

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12-25-2010, 12:40 PM
Any plans to revisit other canon characters similar to revisiting the TOS crew but with TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT? Definitely wouldn't mind having my Trill running around the Enterprise-D during the ST: Generations scene where the ship battles the Duras sisters.

Where is Harry Kim? I could have sworn I saw him on a Starbase somewhere...

Any plans to let the community introduce starship classes themselves to fill out both Klingon, Federation and [Insert next playable race here]?

Can we expect to run into the Enterprise-E with Captain Data soon? We need a reason to commission the Enterprise-F after all...

Will we be able to see more sites on planets like Vulcan (Vulcan Science Academy as a sci crafting location for special stuff), Utopia Planetia in Sol (Custom ship alterations and engineering builds) and Boreth Monastery (Special tac skill training) for more unique personalization?

Just like the real Star Trek canon, I don't see any LGBT representation. I would like to see an LGBT storyline in a Featured Series...
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