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12-27-2010, 03:06 AM
Before I heard that you all were working on letting our bridge officers have more "life". Like have there own story and have own relations with other crew members is this true? If so do you know when this will be ready?
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# 222 PvP
12-27-2010, 03:26 AM
  • Are there any content additions coming to PvP within the next two months? If nothing is planned, any chance of bumping PvP map priority within the Foundry?

  • You mentioned testing of Open PvP areas with the content designers once: was this abandoned or is it part of the secret recipe?

  • Ker'rat: a development headache or the development headache? Discuss.

  • Territory Control: not in development, on radar, in-progress, abandonware?

  • snix posted months ago that PvP tournaments would be added. Who killed snix? see also:
Originally Posted by snix, back in July View Post
Greetings all,
I wanted to give out some information on what's on the way for PvP in the near term.


4) Specific tournament queues that open for a fixed window of time (likely something short to start with; a weekend) that will track your individual performance and display the results with rewards given out for top honors.
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# 223 character build
12-27-2010, 04:03 AM
the curent chatacter build is as good as you'll get ... but it is to me still very limited to whom you can create! if you are hampered by the same tech problems (money) gene roddenberry had with what he could bring to the screen i understand your limits. though it would be of a more diverse and wider inviroment in the sto univers if you can add different facial traits like insects,birds and other elements of our world as to have even funkier looking alien races.
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12-27-2010, 05:03 AM
  • What are the major targets for season 4?
  • Minigames, what and where do you plan to implement?
  • Any plans to optimize the referral-program? Make it more intresting!
  • Anything to annouce as 500, 600,... rewards?
  • Accountwide patterns for hud-arrangement, chat-settings, key-bindings, controls, options,...anything out there?
  • Do you plan more storage facilities (containers in the cargobay full of Jamabalaya or a database for our anomalies, a weapon cabinet or a medicine cabinet for the injury regenerators)?
  • Do you plan to implement the aboretum, shuttlebay, tactical bridge and what are your plans for the ship interieur?
  • When we get targbreeding, do you plan petfights?
  • Do we get a barrierfree autopilot?
  • Will we ever see a earth rotation (sometimes we wanna see Europe :-P) or a day and night alternation?
  • Any news about spacesuit or shuttlemissions?
  • What is planed about openpvp and fleetbases?
  • Still omega-items in mind?
  • Do we get the remaining preorderitems, like TR-116, defense plattform,...? (C-Store or mission replayability)
  • Some news about the Undine-fleetaction?
  • Could you give any news concerning the groundcombat-revamp?
  • Any details about the first-officer-system?
  • Some details concerning upcoming STFs?
  • We want medals (3-5 slots) and a galauniform, we could use the accolade-icons?
  • What are your plans for the raise of the levelcap, we will get T6 ships, what happen with all that Defiants, Galaxies, Interpids out there?
  • Where is the fauna?
  • When can we expect with poker, tongo, dart, 3dchess,...?
  • Would it be possible to retrain the character traits? (maybe a C-Store-item)
  • I've seen some really expensive Saurian officers which give effiency, do you plan to re-implement them?
  • Any news about the localization?
  • How the foundry will look in three years from today? What are the planned major features?
  • Dan, what are your own wishes for the next half, one and three years?
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12-27-2010, 05:20 AM
Originally Posted by Simale
Why did you allow emblems to be traded for Marks of Exploration instead of Marks of Honor, as this limits us to get the items we've been working for?
That i can tell you, or lots of others.
You can exchange emblems for Marks of Exploration, or Marks of Honor or Marks of Valor at the rate of 1:1.
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12-27-2010, 06:04 AM
just thought of this what about adding more decks and rooms for our ships.....are there any plans for that?
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12-27-2010, 06:24 AM
Will we ever be enabled to store GPL in our fleet banks?
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12-27-2010, 06:54 AM
1. When well we be seeing more costume packs come to the C-Store. I'm a big fan of theses and would be quick to buy them. I'd really like to see the 29th century uniforms (Those seen in VOY Relativity) the ones with the Blue, Green and Red division colorings.

2. Level Cap increase, when well we be able to advance in grade and rank beyond that of Vice Admiral 1? and will we get a new Tier 6 ships and skill tree?

3. whats to become of all the ships I've owned and no longer fly? is there something in the works were we could have one of BOff's assume command of those ships and aid us in battle? possibly using a Command Relay Skill, that would give us the ability to relay commands to other ships we own and have set up at a shipyard to be part of our group. ( could work that 1 point in this skill would cost 1k points and for every point trained into this skill you can command another ship, for a total of ten ships, nine commanded by Capt. Level BOff's and your own flag ship, given that you have enough BOff's and Ships that is)

4. Fleet like banking for Personal Bank! could this be done? for those of us who are in for the long hull it can be a pain to have to pick and chose what we keep or sell cause we don't have enough room in are bank. and I think a tabbed banking option for the player's personal tab would go a long way to making this game a lot more fun.

5. Docking bay and other interior ship zones; would be nice to see things like the docking bay and holodeck.
as of right now I'm flying a Tac Escort Refit and the new Danube runabout is about the same size as my ship, even the type-8 Shuttle craft seems to be to big to be housed in the ship.

5.1 more uses for ship interiors, sure it's cool to have to go to my ready room to review previous missions and all but, there's not much else going on in there. a Docking Bay would bring some meaning to the game, there is a mission where you can't beam down because of weather or what have you, so you have to take a shuttle, you must go to your docking bay, and take it down to the surface. could include some kind of mini-game where you have to make course corrections on the fly, or keep your shields above a certain level or you have to make the run again. (fail the run three times and you get the option to have the computer take over, but you fail an optinal objective of the mission that would grant a accolade like storm chaser or Weathered the Store, that would give you some kind of atmospheric disturbance resistance)

5.2 Holodeck: all this, Ready room, review mission reports, go back to location of mission and redo mission is time consuming and a bit of a pain, what we need is this moved to an on board holodeck where we walk up, interface with the computer, pick our mission and walk in doors close and we cut to the start of the mission. simple as that. (simple in ideal, practice might not be as easy)

6. we've seen some nice visuals with the BORG and Aegis sets, could these be expanded to the already out engineering hull armor and alloys so that they give a dynamically different look to your hull depending on what you have equipped.

7. if the KDF get to blowup ESD when you get around to revamping the outer look of the thing, can we feds go and orbital bombard they're home world or major outpost?

8. Where is this grate war between the KDF and the FED taking place? I mean I don't see it happening, will we see an end of this story thread any time soon or will it just be left to hang like a chad in Florida ( and by an end I mean it's done with, and we can move on, and the bits about it in the start up are removed and a new intro mission takes it place)
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12-27-2010, 08:15 AM
Can we make more use of Tribbles?

When will we have a shake-up of in-game currency (excluding C-Store)?

Is it true that Dstahl lives in that Plaid shirt and has his own cacoon in the Cryptic basement?

Will we see more 4-nacelled spaceships in future?

Will we see anything like a ship component system in future?
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12-27-2010, 08:35 AM
Down the line is was wondering if there would ever be sub-factions,
Federation would have starfleet bajoran militia sector 27 or whatever Klingons would have KDF and the houses, romulans would have whatever their space agency is called, plus the tal shiar, cardassians would have the obsidian order cardassian space agency, and so on like that did you guys have any ideas like this and if so how soon would it be implemented, I'd like to see the bajoran militia uniforms in the c-store anyways.
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