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After growing increasingly frustrated with the limited viewing functions available when looking for a foundry mission I wondered if the Foundry update that dStahl referred to last night/today would address the interface specifically.

Enough has probably been said about it so I won't go over that.

My thoughts are to have a menu interface (better than we have atm ofc) as only one option for people to access published foundry missions on the live server.

Don't you feel sometimes that you would like to know what missions are available in your current area? Well perhaps we could have an interface designed around the sector space view whereby potential missions whoose startpoints are on Vulcan or Regulas etc would present itself.

Certainly the goal of making these missions integrate in the actual world instead of existing only inside a searchbox menu covering your screen with no filtering options of WHERE the missions take place etc is a good goal to have.

(ofc some missions only take the starting point in odd areas only then to bring you to the delta quadrant etc - but at least they would present themselves to you, rather than you having to filter and cross your fingers that you would ever find them in a search and scroll bar of hundreds.

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