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The motion picture uniform is nice, but there is one thing that needs to be changed to make it perfect. The uniform is based off of the dress uniform from the Motion Picture, and as seen in the photo linked below (from Memory-Alpha) from the movie the cloth piece that holds the life-support monitor (the belt) is supposed to be the same color as the center of the tunic, not the sides. Otherwise, lookin' good!

(Also the rank on the epaulets is a little different, but we don't really have a full set to go off of, I think, so I'll let that slide )

Lt. Commander
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12-24-2010, 02:56 AM
*sings* I love big bulges on a man and I cannot lie!

But ignoring that... Yes.
And for heavens sake fix the color palette. Do not show us the uniform in colors we can't use. (sure we can get close to it but really not)
And I would loved it if the pack had come with the Admiral's short sleeved variant. Men need a short sleeved shirt and this was a good time as a any to put them in game.

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