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12-25-2010, 04:11 AM
Yeahhhh not gonna be voting for STO for anything other than Greatest Disappointment to be quite honest. When the game is good enough that it warrants my voting for it in any other category, I will, until then... No. It doesn't warrant it. It barely warrants my keeping the sub alive, and I only do that in the fading hope it will get better.
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12-25-2010, 07:11 AM
Originally Posted by thethanatos View Post
Are you quite sure you want to suggest that we vote for STO just after another marketing debacle Thursday?

The game is still not finished. Improving dramatically, yes, but not finished yet.

The marketing department at Cryptic is inconsistent and only interested in our wallets.

Make a suggestion in the forums and it is ignored or roundfiled so consistently that there seems to be little point in even making a suggestion.

There is no feedback method. I say this since feedback is two ways, not just to Cryptic, there has to be some reciprocation. The STO staff has gotten much better but Cryptic's folks don't even bother to show up most of the time anymore.

The Cryptic staff is so inconsistent that they can't even seem to remember what they told us last time. This causes things like the marketing debacle Thursdays.

The CStore is completly out of control and nobody at Cryptic seems to be interested in how the customer base feels about it.

Try to send a PM to staff to avoid making noise in the forums and still get a point across. I know I have never gotten a response from staff.

The LTS base is supposed to be the most supportive subscribers in the game and even we are divided in some aspects. Cryptic doesn't seem to care about that since they already have our money, our opinions no longer matter.
No doubt. Shoot last week I started a thread suggesting the marketing people talk to the HyperDesk guys that developed the awesome ST theme and make a STO version and or do a few different sets and the thread was locked without notice. Yet there are several active threads with links to vendor sites such as the 3D printing one, Amazon and this one for that matter, as well as many others I can think of over the past year which have not been lock. I can only assume in a bonehead moment, someone considered it an unsolicited commercial promotion. Which makes one wonder about the seemingly arbitrary and at times capricious looking moderation of these forums but I digress....

Nonetheless, I also sent a PM to the marketing person and have not received a response either. Shoot I sent a rather long PM offering to help with such things a long time during the first great marketing fiasco. I never got a reply. Then there are the numerous threads in the C-store forum without any comments. Which makes me wonder why is there even a C-store forum in the first place.

STO needs some serious grass roots marketing and cheap cross pollination is a most excellent complement. Programs like the current one with Intel, simply are out in left field given the current marketing tempo for this title and community involvement threshold. Sometimes I wonder if someone at Cryptic got an MBA out of a cracker jack box. Believe it or not I've use Cryptic as an example of what not to do promotion wise in my post MBA classes for newly minted executive types.
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12-28-2010, 03:46 AM
There's a marketing program with Intel right now? Maybe I don't know about it because I use AMD in my personal machines.

If STO had a HyperDesk theme available to subscribers, I'd use it. The TOR image on my desktop is awesome, but it's getting old.
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12-28-2010, 04:05 AM
While I hope this game continues to turn around, I voted for STO only in the Biggest Dissappointment category.

I won't give good PR where it's not deserved, and STO doesn't (yet) deserve it.

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