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Ok, I myself am an avid pvper and spent alot of time getting the borg set as I feel with the tractor beam being provided with items will open up one more ability (everything counts)as a Tac officer getting "free" science abilities is a make-or-break item. After I finally got it I noticed that the cap being sooo low and regen being so high makes this shield virtually useless for Tac officers in a escort pvping. We cannot take advantage of the regen for obvious reasons and the cap being so low with our small hull life makes us pop like a ballon nulling this sets viability in pvp...
Now I feel the sets are genereally designed to work for everyone in some capacity or another... both sets seemingly can be adapted for eng/sci in both cruisers and sci vessels. The only person that really cant utalize it is a tac officer in a escort... thats.. dumb.. not asking for an obscene amount of shield capacity.. just more then 4.7K...
High cap shields are the ONLY defence an escort has in pvp, lets you hang out in combat long enough to do alot of damage and get away before you get *****. With this set (currently highest set in the game) its not viable for tacs in pvp..
You basically excluded 1 class from benefiting from this item.. From the way these sets are setup I dont believe thats the intension, please level this out a bit better... And if you dont want it to be like the agies set then make that one regen focused and not the best set in the game that provides a much needed ability be limited because of **** pour itemization..
Lastly, dont say its OP... the recharge on the tractor beam is REALLY long and frankly thats the point of high end items that take alot of time to get.. they give you good stats, better then average...

Thanks for reading,

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12-25-2010, 04:37 PM
Only thing I can offer is run at higher Shield power by chaining EPtShields? Not every item is best for everyone. You may have to do without the Borg Tractor Beam if you really want to use parts of the set and still have a high cap shield.
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12-25-2010, 06:34 PM
I, along with a few of my fleet mates have actually been playing around with both the Aegis + Borg sets.

If you're a tac officer running an escort you're better off running a full Aegis set instead of the borg one, you seem to gain a little more defence capabilities using Aegis over borg.

The Borg set works especially well with Cruisers + Science ships who shield specialize in shield tanking, Multi regen shield ability from 3 of the peices is enough to throw your shields from 0 back to maybe.. 3 quarters of your maximum shield cap in seconds.

So Generally if you're running with a Tac officer your best using Aegis over borg.
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# 4 Dude
12-27-2010, 12:41 AM
You're kidding right?

Maybe this is a build issue?
I pretty much specced fully into getting powerlevels boosted for my ships subsystems.
Even at max weaponpower config im still running with 76 shieldpower unbuffed, combined with EptS this borg shield is AWESOME, any of my shieldfacings can pretty much outregen whatever they throw at it unless its a focussed alpha on my poor fleet escort.
I for one as a fellow tac LOVE the borg set and have no use what so ever for Aegis.
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12-27-2010, 10:17 AM
um... sorry but a 7.6K cap trumps any regen on a tac vessel... Thanks for the input on aegis / borg sets... I just thought the goal of the set isent to leave 1 player class behind.. And if you think a 4.6K shield with regen and high power is sufficient in pvp you obviously havent been targeted by someone like me... I target borg shield users because its about 4 seconds of my time in a tractor to take them out..

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