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Now that I’ve been grinding up my variety of toons I’ve come to fine some issues I believe the players would be interested in purchasing:

Extra bank- many players are starting extra fleets just to gain a fleet bank for the excess of items that they need to craft why couldn’t we get extra banks or backpacks?

Character Fix- when I crated my Vulcan character I got the innate ability “Vulcan nerve pinch” when I really wanted mind meld, I would love to have the ability to change this mistake. Perhaps this fix would allow 1 change 1 innate ability or attribute like change sex, race, profession. I know this would make money.

Lastly this option could be something that we should just get, but money is what the world is made of, what about the ability to pass along bound items to other toons on the same account? \\

Well that’s my two cents….
Thanks for your time.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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12-25-2010, 05:42 AM
While i agree that those should be added to the C-Store for immediate purchase, i also believe things like additional bank slots and character fixes should be added to the Veteran rewards. Playing over a long time, you are going to need more space or you've likely found holes in your character that re-rolling simply doesn't warrant a viable option.

There has to be a balance between the services offered in C-Store and also new services needed. Veteran rewards over time do give a little of the services offered like additional character slots, but with the 500 day and behold currently up for discusion, an increased bank and player fix would go a long way towards keeping the long term players happy. Sure, add these to the C-Store, but also add things like the above to the Veterans too.

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