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01-10-2011, 09:33 AM
Based on what Dan Stahl said in this month’s installment (January 2011) of “Ask Cryptic” we won’t be able to re-species our character for a long while. He says “I hope to see it someday.” Well, at least he didn't say never! Yet I was hoping that is would be in the next few months. Maybe it still could be. It would be nice to get a time frame on this work.

I’ve copied and pasted his response below.

Executive Producer Dan Stahl checks in with 31 answers in this month's installment of Ask Cryptic!

Question: What are the chances of a "retrait" token being added to the c-store?

Answer: I'm still a big fan of being able to "re-species" your character which would allow you to re-trait them as well. We are in need of some core software support to make this a reality, but I hope to see it someday, so the chances are good.

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