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# 1 Looking for a Fleet
10-21-2010, 09:21 AM
Good afternoon. I am looking for a Fleet.

I am a pretty relaxed player and i am not into the RP side of the game. If you want to invite me to your ready room for an interview and then spend 5 minutes trying to sit in your chair properly, I am not going to be too interested.

I am looking for a group that is fun and relaxed with as little childlike drama as possible.

I like helping out newer/lower level players. I frequently give away loot that I receive when i cannot use it.

My Character, Murraugh, is currently a Captain 10 Science officer. He flies a Tactical Escort. He is also working diligently to become a master craftsman.



Murraugh (Science Officer, Captain 10) USS Holyfield's Ear, Former Captain of the USS Chuck Norris.
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# 2
10-21-2010, 09:35 AM
Check out Federation Fleet, a very relaxed mature group of players.

Check us out and Apply here:
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# 3
10-21-2010, 09:45 AM
I invite you to check out the 44th Fleet. We are age 18+ and use ventrilo. We are pretty casual with no minimum play times. We have players of all levels, and we can run the STF's (our best time on Infected was 50 min). We have several players that have completed crafting. We have recently started up a PVP team too. Just make a post on our forums if you are interested, or PM me.
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# 4
10-21-2010, 10:06 AM
Hello Doug,

I am Jonathon_Davis, the Chief Recruiting Officer, of the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet. I wanted to take a moment to reply to your post.

I can relate to being a relaxed player and not taking STO or being a member of a fleet to serious or hardcore. I certainly won't be inviting you for an interview anywhere. We only ask that you want to play the game and team with us for some good times. That's the extent of our interview process. There... that's done. LOL In general we don't RP. In fact, I haven't done anything remotely RP since starting the game. Some members have on occassion particiated in a RP event hosted by one of our allied fleets, but that's optional. Our only desire is to enjoy the game to its fullest by teaming and learning from each other. We want to have fun without complications. I'm happy to hear that you enjoy helping out lower ranks players and like to share. Those are good qualities for a fleet member. I think you will like the VKF and will fit in nicely. I've included a standard recruitment thread below which will give you some general info on the fleet as well as direct you to our forum. The forum tells a lot about us and gives you a simple way to sign up. So check us out!


Greetings and Welcome to the VKF

I am Jonathon_Davis, Chief Recruiting Officer (in-game Jonathon@Jonathon_Davis) of the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet. I would like to welcome you to the VKF, and invite you to consider joining our Fleet. We are worldwide and enjoy teaming with each other in space and away teams. We have a Fleet Bank with items that can upgrade your armament, shields, or other items. We devote time to making sure our Fleet Forum has good information and Intel on game mechanics, resource locations, mission tips and other good stuff to help our members progress in their career field and ranking in STO. We offer opportunities for leadership positions in the VKF for members interested in such. And we offer camaraderie and kinship as we forge through 2409 in STO.

If you wish to join the VKF, you simply need to post your intent in the Recruiting Center threads as soon as you can. By posting in the Recruiting Center, you will be applying for a commission in the VKF, and when we accept your application and grant your commission, we will change your username to add a prefix [VKF], so the next time you log in (after applying), you should log in with the username [VKF] <your name here> (we will not change your password, and canít view it anyway). Once you are a member of the VKF, you will have access to much more of our Fleet forums.

Also, if you can include in your application your in-game character@handle so we can invite you to the Fleet inside of STO, that would help us get you integrated into the Fleet quickly. I am available on the forum to assist you with orienting you to the Fleet, and will be contacting you within the Fleet Forum.

Feel free to email me directly, pm, or post in our forums if you need any additional information. I hope you will consider the VKF for your Fleet!

Chief Recruiting Officer

Live Long and Prosper!
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# 5
01-10-2011, 04:52 AM
If you have yet to join a fleet or are still looking for one, please consider joining the 48th Defense Fleet The Warpigs.

We are a small but growing laid back group of players who all love Star Trek, playing STO and are always teaming up and working together whether it be a mission, a daily or an STF and have lots of fun doing it. We always look forward to having players in our ranks who like to assist newcomers to both STO and the Fleet.

For more information about us, please see the FAQs on our website (you can click the link in my signature below). You can also visit our forums at Any other questions please feel free to message me.

Safe flying to you!

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