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# 1 Interfleet event for all
12-29-2010, 03:59 PM
just making a plea for help we blacksheep are doing a interfleet kill the crystaline carbon dung, we have twenty slots open you must be a va and have watched the stoked 59, post here or see me in game at mail via Joseph T. Frick@CaptainFrick1978 we have three other fleets helping us as well as the federation galaxtic alliance who started this endevour. and as always LIVE LONG AND SHOOT SOMETHING!
frick. all slots must be filled by pm in game and a meet we shall try for the 8th of januaryth 2011 ok .
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so far we have four or more fleet in on this contact me, those in charge have the right to refuse any player causing trouble, once your in no leaving the action. take your time in deciding.

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