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# 1 Digital Gods
12-30-2010, 10:09 PM
You are sent to a planet to rescue the people from the Crystaline Entity.
Because of the Prime Directive, you must carry out a difficult mission.
Your mission is to place Neurological emmiters around the planet, causing the inhabitants to sleep, and then transporting them to another planet with holo emmiters to emulate their original planet.
Things obviously go wrong.
This is a low combat mission with a bigger focus on story and RPG elements.

Some known bugs: ferengi ships down't come up as so. Beam out cut scenes are unavoidable. A few spelling and Capital mistakes. Will correct that soon.

Any feedback would be great.
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# 2
12-31-2010, 01:42 PM
Just did an overhaul to the mission. I hope I got most of the annoying mistakes out.
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# 3
01-05-2011, 01:53 AM
I was about to log off but decided to check out your mission m8. I hope some of my rabblr rabblr rabble will be constructive to your mission.

Verdict: Four Stars

A very enjoyable mission, good dialog, interaction, maps and story. Will be looking out for it on Live.

*Spoilers to anyone reading further down*

- Right off the bat this mission resounded like Star Trek Insurrection to me. Old Admiral Doughertymust be laughing in his grave. Still, I liked that movie and considering your 'reason' for moving them was different entirely I was quite optimistic of testing this further.

- Your use of NPC dialog, i.e. the appropriate people chiming in when needed (and not changing the way a player may view his BOFF's reactions - i.e. BOFFs being fearful in dialog etc) makes it appealing to the wider community (ofc people will develop BO stories, but they might not appeal to all ofc).

- The deviation to a ship quest almost from the start (due to the mechanics you had in mind for moving the population) was also a nice curve and very well executed.

- Your DIY transporter pad was inspiring as well as the attention you gave to the confused replies of the crew affected.

- Placement of the Emmitters was good, albeit difficult in places to reach them (as you had warned), I feel the initial crates could be lowered slightly more into the deck to aid the player, but keeping it just one crate being the initial 'starting' point would keep the effect of 'having to find the way up' instead of jumping on any of the smaller crates = get up. (Lt. Johnson made me laugh when I got a little frustrated lol) Ultimately I was only able to reach 1 of the 4 emitters (perhaps player height is a significant factor in jumping, but I'm 1.86m), thankfully you had made the radius enough that getting in a crack here and there was enough - perhaps your intention.

- The Ferengi! Hu-mans! But I'm not sure I liked how my only option was to agree to his terms like that, even considering the circumstances (nice ty-in btw)

- Your adherence to the Prime Directive as much as possible even while on the planet and being approached by a native.. a nice touch "Keep your tech hidden" or how did you say it? ^^

- Town on the Rocks was a great touch also, very different, I'm sure it will look awesome when more items come online in the Foundry

- Wow, I was getting VERY skeptical, but the explanation was actually quite nice and chimed in well with the mission name... but eh Sulu? =/ ohmhmmm

- The solution to the Entity showing up was executed well, and the dialog was good. Pitty about the Mayor. I found the cave sequence to be good, glad the changed their opinion of 'us'. Those Nmec were fond of headbutting lol

- If you check out one of the tutorial videos on placing volcanic flowers underneath NPCs (if you are not familiar already) you could add another few parameters to the NPC crew you come across on your travels by treating the Volcanic flowers like objects to interact with (hidden ofc but interaction will show) - say for example, your Doctor sent you along with some Hyposprays to try stem the effects of the emiiters (something which will help them recover after)... or similar - it just felt like a long way for just locating the emitters themselves, some small side aspect you might consider?

- For the transport back part... nice idea with the console- interaction to transort, but perhaps interact with the console then have a place marker on the actual transporter that you must walk onto and then you get your popup for the map move? After all that 'lil transporters was awesome.

- Considering the cool adventure it had been, I felt the last part, right when we are communicating with the Entity, to be very brief, and a little... yeah brief, hard to accept maybe - but maybe just me.

(I'm not the Grammar/spelling police - lol far from it at this time of the morning... but)
- Crystalline Entity is the correct spelling

- Missed an 'N' in Admiral Quinn a few times

- The console you need to go to *beside Admiral Quinn's office* could use it's object waypoint set to automatic or something, I missed the huge flashy LCARS display first time (ran past as it did not flash ^^). Its one of the default consoles doors, hmm not sure if that is possible.

- The Ferengi Captain Gratt - Ferengi Captains are 'Daimon Gratt' as I recall, a nice touch perhaps?

- Hu-mans -> Hew-mons iirc from literature and I think Ferengi ships have gone by S.S.Name in other Cryptic missions - but can't be sure on that one.

- Was in an oversight that while on the planet your Engineer says "captain we should beam back up etc" and you say "anyone else" and the same engineer replies with a new option? Perhaps another team member could reply? That might have been my side though - my officer rankings.
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# 4
01-05-2011, 09:04 AM
Originally Posted by nynik
Was it an oversight that while on the planet your Engineer says "captain we should beam back up etc" and you say "anyone else" and the same engineer replies with a new option? Perhaps another team member could reply? That might have been my side though - my officer rankings.
That happens sometimes when I play missions. Because I take down most of my senior officers with me, when I contact the ship, dialogue for science and engineers from the ship are all taken over by this Lieutenant Commander engineer boff who is the highest ranking guy aboard. I guess if I had another Lieutenant Commander on the ship then there'd be some difference.
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# 5
01-05-2011, 04:09 PM
Thanks nynik,

You actually had some awesome ideas. I'm going to go back and tweek it up a bit. I especially like the transporter idea.

Edit: Just updated Digital Gods with some of the ideas given. Played through it and liked it. Foudn more spelling problems but I'll get them some day...
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# 6
01-06-2011, 02:55 AM
Well, at least this "forum ad" payed off, I played your mission and I liked it. nynik's post made me interested.
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# 7
01-06-2011, 04:18 AM
This is one I'm adding to my list to play! It sounds really interesting....
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# 8
01-07-2011, 07:16 PM
Did a few more edits, also extended the mission some.

I just finished up a quick trailer for Digital Gods.
Take a look here:
Looking at some more reviews though, I have a to tweek a bit more...

Thanks for all the help to everyone who gave feedback here and in-game.

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