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I have a raptor. I like my raptor, but today I want a gurumba.

In order to use the gurumba:
- I need to purchase the gurumba for $.
- I need to then respec my BOs, obtain new weapons/weapon consoles for the ship for EC/emblems/whatever.
- I need to respec my captain for the gurumba (ship type etc) for honor/$.
- I then to place my BOs on the new ship, move all the unique equipment across etc. (can't drag/drop between ships - so need to partially empty my inventory...)
- finally I need to remap all my abilities to the power tray, and change any keybinds.

If I don't like the gurumba, then I need to do most of that again.

That's why my engineer has never flown the 'free' carrier - far too much work involved.

Some of that is unavoidable, and probably makes the ship seem more 'real'... other bits are simply painful.

I'd suggest:
- allow us to save BO power mappings, so at least we can partly restore them when switching back to an old ship.
- keybinds need to refer to the name of the power (or a code or 'something' generic - there is no reason to differentiate between epts in slot 1 and epts in slot 2 - that's an acceptable bug) rather than their tray number.
- possibly look at allowing multiple character specs (so that my engineer could have 1 spec for his patrol cruiser and a different spec for his neg'var, and if he bought a kar'fi that might come with a free spec).
- also look at whether we can 'save' the equipment layout between ships somehow (or maybe "this console goes on both these ships in this slot" - as I can only fly 1 ship at a time, it doesn't matter that I've used it twice).

I think that would be more profitable for cryptic than over-pricing ships - the ships are often fun/interesting, but the primary problem is how time consuming changing ship is, not how much we like the idea. (the gurumba at half the price with those fixes would be far more profitable than the current model).

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