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I was reviewing information about certain preorder items recently and came across two I didn't know about.

TR-116A Rifle
Multi-spatial Personal Shield

And just for completionism's sake, even though I have this one:
Chromodynamic Armor

Are these items going to be offered on C-Store at some point?

I get that they are preorders, but Cryptic recently unlocked a bunch of preorder stuff on C-Store, so why not add these as well?

I would be particularly keen to try the Rifle, seeing as that is one of my favored weapons.

Considering they would be account wide unlocks, it would give my future new characters an interesting toybox to start with.
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# 2
01-01-2011, 05:32 PM
A discussion prior revealed that due to several imbalances established by these items, no, they will likely never be released within the C-store. The provision of such items is one that is to remain at a very small to assure that one side would not so readily have an advantage over the other.
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# 3
01-01-2011, 06:26 PM
The Multi-spatial Personal Shield was nice but it doesn't lvl with you. I think I used mine up to LTCmdr then ditched it for something better.

It only has a 155 capacity i believe
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# 4 TR 116, want
01-06-2011, 10:02 AM
Well, that's disappointing.

To explain, people in my country (Australia) had no or limited access to the preorder perks.

There was only one available, the Liberated Borg Engineer.
And that didn't arrive until several months after the game had started, because our EBGames was extremely inefficient at getting the pre-order cards.
The Borg would not approve.

I had to use Steam to get the Chromodynamic Armor.

As for the TR 116 rifle, that wasn't available at all.
Edit: Oh darn, it was, I just never found out about it.
It was at JB Hi Fi, not our Target. Damn.

Which is why I want it to go to C-Store, to redress the inequity in my geographical location.

And how would it be imbalanced if everyone had one?

If it's truly that bad, rework it so it's not so imbalanced before getting it out on C-Store.
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# 5
01-06-2011, 11:15 AM
I also tried to get the TR, but it's nearly impossible to get it in gemany since it wasn't available as a preorder here (afaik).
Even on ebay (worldwide search) it's not availabe (there are just a few preorder boxes from steam, the ones without the game.. and without the TR 116.

Too bad they just released the Items which were the easiest to get.
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# 6
01-06-2011, 05:11 PM
Same, tried to get the TR-116, but it was never available in Europe as far as I know, and no luck getting it from the States.
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# 7
01-07-2011, 05:20 PM
Well, if you're in the United States and want the TR-116, some Target stores still have boxed copies of the game that come with it. You'll have to buy it from a store, not online, and make sure the box has a picture of the rifle on it. But it still works- you get the gun, and 30 days of game time, for $9.99.
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# 8
01-10-2011, 03:08 PM
I had the Tr 116...much like the armor it doesn't level with you

I was real nice in LT and LT CMDR missions until better better items came my way. Unfortunately I can't give them away or sell them. They are bound the instant you pick them up.

They used to have a bug associated with them so you could claim it from the c-store (special unlocks if you purchased from Target) and give it to a crewman and then reclaim another. I had a crew with them and it made the ground combat really nice for the lower levels. They fixed that now so it's only one distribution per character now.
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# 9
01-10-2011, 05:38 PM
I too would like to see all the pre-release/bonus items in the C-Store.

I purchased a Lifetime Subscription, Amazon Collector's Edition, Del Taco Promo, and the Deluxe Digital Download. These unlocked the following:
Player Race: Liberated Borg
Bridge Officer: Amazon Borg Engineer
Device: Red Matter Capacitor
Uniform: DS9
Uniform: TNG Series
Pet: Type-8 Starfleet Shuttlecraft
Console: Automated Defense Turret
Emote: Blood Wine
Emote: KHAAAN!
Player Race: Joined Trill
Special: NX Ship Registry Prefix
Uniform: TOS
I don't mean to brag, only to say that I have made quite an investment, and have no resentment that these items are all (mostly) available in the C-Store now. I literally support it! I found the WoK Uniform Code in the wild on the Intarwebs and got that free that way, but when the Big C-Store Update came on June 15, 2010 I added the following to my unlocks:
Ship: TOS Constitution Class Cruiser
Tribble: Best Buy Rivera
Uniform: MU
Later, I bought the Pet: Targ when I made my first KDF character.
I earned the Fluidic Tribble for free, but I missed out on the Tribble of Borg Test Weekend, so was happy to purchase that when it was released on the C-Store in Sep 2010.

I do not have these items:
Light Phaser Turret Satellite Launcher
Multi-Spatial Personal Shield
Neodymium Deflector Dish
Radiometric Converter Console
TR-116A Carbine Phaser Rifle
I would buy them all if they were made available in the C-Store. I know it is an unfortunate burr in some players' hides, but I like the C-Store. I've purchased most of the things in there, all the skins, bridges, costumes, races, etc. I've purchased the Enterprise pack and the Excelsior, but $15 is my limit (and that's pushing it). So no Gal-X or Gumby for me (the latter, maybe if dstahl gets his way, the former only if I can get three more referrals). The other ships I can get in-game if I wanted them. I've purchased many costume slots and I'd love to buy more BO and Ship slots if each purchase unlocked for the whole account (instead of per character), so I've boycotted those.

The point being that I can support the C-Store/Game, but I also control my spending and choose where my dollar goes based on my percieved value of any given item. It would please me to have The Phaser Satellite, Multi-Spatial Shield, Neodymium Dish, Radiometric, and the TR-116A.
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# 10
01-10-2011, 09:14 PM
Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
I too would like to see all the pre-release/bonus items in the C-Store.
Ditto. I'm quite surprised Cryptic hasn't added anymore of these items to the C-Store yet.

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