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01-11-2011, 03:22 AM
ughh... too many people responding to this thread has NO IDEA what the issue is... READ the OP!!

or read this:

I always have a lot of stuff on the exch.
Very often i get a mail, stating "Auction lot expired"
This mail does NOT contain any items.
I assume this means an item has been returned to the inventory of one of my chars.
So the big question is....

What toon?

The mail does not give any indication of this...

Am i supposed to log out of and back into all my 8 chars and check the inventory of each one?
Lt. Commander
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01-14-2011, 04:18 PM
I have one character and over the last several days about 15 items that I have worked my behind off have dropped off the exchange sale list. About half of them generated an auction lot expired message, the other half just vanished. Cryptic keep fobbing me off with "we are looking at this as a known bug, but there is no ETA when it will be fixed and "hopefully" the item will be returned. I am about 2 million credits out of pocked and I feel robbed and cheated.

Besides this, I think it is totally unprofessional not to give the paying customer an ETA or at least update them as to what is happening. This game is not free, Infact you pay for it twice anyway and crafting and selling is part of the game.

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