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One of the things that I have noticed in the C-Store section of the forum is the massive amount of suggestions and/or requests that people put up. They want this uniform or that ship and/or a ship costume, or they think this option should be available or that option should be removed from the game. Most of the time they just say what they want and then the forum members become responsible for explaining why it should or shouldn't be and then coming up with a way it could be done.
While all input is important, a player who wants something added shouldn't just say what they want and explain it away in a single sentence. They should explain why it should be part of STO, provide examples of what they want, and ideas of how it should be implemented. Sometimes there are entrepreneuring players who do just that. A good example is some of the players who want a specific bridge type for the ship they are in command of. They say what they want, provide examples within Star Trek of it being shown within the series, then provide links to schematics or the actual screen grabs from the episodes or movies it was shown in.

That is what I intend to do with this thread. Propose changes that I think should be made to STO, why and how they could be implemented. Now not all of them will have links to an exact picture because some of what I propose may not be that concrete but if I can find a picture or proof of something along those lines I will use it. In addition at the end of the post I will do two more things, I will admit whatever selfish reason I have for making the argument for whatever it is I want, and for fun I will name the song of the post and who it is by. The song will likely have no bearing on the content of the post, it will just be whatever random song is either playing on my ITunes or just going through my head at the moment of post.

Disclaimers: I am not an expert of Star Trek, I don't own any of the seasons on either VHS or DVD. I've read only a few books and even fewer comic books. I have not seen all the episodes of all the seasons of all the series, only some of the episodes of each of the series. My best resources for this whole escapade are Memory Alpha, Wikipedia, and Google. Plus this is my first MMO so I don't have much experience with them. Like I said I have my own selfish reasons for most of the changes that I will propose but I want them backed up with fact and feasibility. So if I cite something wrong let me know and give me the correct information and I will correct it, acknowledge what was wrong and who caught it and gave me the correct info. In addition, in an effort to keep the posts short but worth your time to read it, there will be some examples or other arguments that will not be part of the posts.

The song of this post is: Prelude in C-Sharp Minor by Rachmaninoff.
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# 2 Races Across Factions
01-10-2011, 07:15 AM
For my first real post I will explain as to why races should be available for any faction that are either currently in game or that will be added at a latter expansion. Why and how? Because it could happen within the realm of reasonable possibility. Need I remind everyone that Worf was adopted by Human parents after his Klingon parents were killed in a Romulan attack. This could also happen with a child from a Federation family. Say after a Klingon raid on a Federation colony a Klingon warrior discovers a baby that has somehow survived all the fighting. Having no child of his own he decides to take it and raise it as his own. Plus, people change sides, get captured, bought off, or have no allegiance to begin with. It is part of the games that go on between empires. This is shown within the game, itself, as the Federation player has several missions he undertakes, either to rescue an operative who is changing sides or to prevent a traitor from leaving the Federation. Humans, Klingons(Worf changed sides several times during his tenure on TNG and DS9), Romulans, Cardasians, even Vulcans have managed to use logic to justify changing sides so why shouldn't it be a part of Star Trek Online?

So there are two ways to make this happen, allow players to purchase from the C-Store the race they want to play for the faction they want to play, like the Liberated Borg Bridge Officer, or allow players to switch sides after they have unlocked that faction.

Allowing players to switch sides could be done one of two ways. As a captain retrain or faction switch purchase from the C-Store, the second way is to allow the player to do it from within the game as a mission. But there need to be controllers in place to make players really contemplate doing it. After all a player shouldn't just be allowed to waltz across the Neutral Zone and say "I'm looking for a career change and I heard you guys were hiring." Plus you can't just flood the Klingon Empire with former members of the Federation, the Klingons frown on traitors and I don't think they would be welcoming to one let alone a couple hundred.

If they do it as a C-Store purchase it needs to be expensive, I'm not saying outrageously so but expensive enough to make the player think really hard about spending some bucks on switching sides and making sure it's not just a fling. As a mission within the game it needs to be hard, first you have to make contact with that faction, then you have to escape, first from the ground then from any space pursuits. In both cases the player should lose his bridge crew and\or his ship.

Both options would make the game a bit more entertaining, repayable and as I said at the beginning, both are feasible. Also both options would stand to make Cryptic money, which is what a business is in business to do.

My selfish reason for this is that I really enjoy playing as a Caitian but one of my favorite ships of Star Trek is the Klingon K'Tinga class battle cruiser. So I would really enjoy being a Caitian flying around in a K'Tinga.

Song for this post is: Klingon Attack from Star Trek The Motion Picture by Jerry Goldsmith.

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