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Maintaining a known issues list gives everyone, players and devs, a single place to go where they can easily check to see if a bug is new, already known, or has been fixed.

Please help me to keep this list accurate and up-to-date by posting if you see an error or if you know of a bug that is not on this list.

Last updated:
Wednesday, February 16th.

I am no longer maintaining this bug list.

"D'kel Subduer" and "D'kel Conqueror" are not being counted correctly.

Clicking 'USE' on an item in a BOs belt/inventory will cause an item in the PC/Captain's belt to be used instead.

BOs will not stay on their waypoints when ordered to 'attack my target.' Instead they rush into melee range of their target and then start shooting.

Players are unable to view the background info of other player's BOs.

BOs often crouch down and stop fighting. Sometimes they will resume attacking if you tell them to 'attack my target.' Usually happens when fighting while standing on their waypoints.

BOs refuse to use Lunge or Nerve Pinch in combat.

Ambush - BOs use this during combat, then get hit and lose the bonus before they can use it. They can't benefit from it because they don't use it at the start of combat.

Motion Accelerator - BOs do not benefit from this because they don't use it when they're held, instead they just fire it off at random, even when not in combat.

Cover Shield - Engineer BO will fire this off when combat starts and then hide behind it and refuse to take any other actions.

BOs will not buff or heal team members that are not from their own crew.

BOs use consumables (hypos, weapon batteries, shield charges) at random. When they're at full health, when no combat is happening, etc.

BOs do not use food or drinks.

BOs still have multiple issues with their chairs & consoles on player bridges.

Players never receive Female Alien BOs, or Benzite, Caitain, Pakled or Tellarite BOs.

When hailing Starfleet to receive a new BO the text is, "Who will be joining your crew?" But then you are presented with only one choice.

Purchased items like character slots and ship bridges are disappearing.

The Tailors sometimes eat Atari Tokens that people don't want to spend and give people uniforms and ship costumes they didn't want to buy.

Uniforms that people have purchased with C-Store points (prior to them becoming Atari Tokens) are being locked out so that people can no longer access or edit them.

Some items that are supposed to be account wide can only be claimed one character. Here's one example.

Many ground weapons and kits have the wrong number on the icon.

Aegis set has several graphical errors.

Aegis deflector crafting broken KDF side.

Borg Set - flickers between Borg green and original blue on many Federation ships, also has other graphical issues.

Many types of Mk XI & Mk XII consoles have the same values at Common, Uncommon & Rare.

Items are not being returned from the Exchange when the sale expires, some do show up months later.

Can't exchange Emblems for Marks of Honor if the number of empty slots in your inventory is less than the Emblems you want to exchange.

No reward is given by visiting dignitary at DS9.

The Exchange search does not function when set to all.

Trill are missing some of their spots.

Skirts are disappearing for some female characters.

Rotate Shield Frequency has no FX when the shield rings are disabled.

Tricorder range is now limited. The message often shows more than 0 anomalies, but the graphic does not point to anything.

Tellarites are still too short in ESD. As shown here and here, Tellarites tend to be slightly shorter than humans. William Shatner is 5' 9", so the Tellarite shown here is at least 5' 10". Tellarites are not space dwarves.

All Good Things Uniform Top - clipping issues with the rank pins.
TOS Top - causes holes in the neck for Ferengi males.
TOS Mirror Universe Top - clipping issues on females, left shoulder & neck.
DS9 Top - clipping issues on females, neck.
Non-Split Mini Skirt - clipping when running or turning sharply.
200 day Vet Reward Jacket - multiple clipping issues on females.
Uniform top/bottom colors linked for female BOs.

The Intrepid Class still has several graphical errors.
Impulse trails on the Noble Class assault cruiser are uneven. This is especially noticeable with the Aegis set.
Kar'Fi Battle Carrier engine animation bleeds through the ships rear top section at full impulse.
KDF cloak occasionally doesn't make your ship appear cloaked when it is.

KDF characters often perform no animation when interacting with consoles and other objects.

The drink emote does not line the drink up with the players mouth. It appears that you're dumping the drink over your right shoulder.

Rain falls through overhanging rocks and roofs.

Transporter effects do strange things to the the beard/lower face and rank pin area of the character.

Objects in space can force the camera inside of the ship.

NPCs often get stuck in asteroids, the side of Earth Space Dock, and in objects on ground missions.

In ground combat enemies often aggro on the player character to the exclusion of all else. Even if they could not have seen the PC due to intervening objects.

Certain ground enemies have an attack that insta-kills the entire away team on Advanced and Elite difficulty settings.


New: "Featured Episode: Mine Enemy" - Numerous bugs. Far too many for me to list here.

"Second Star to the Right, Straight on 'til Morning: Out DeWitting the Enemy" - Tricorder will not locate interactable panels needed to advance mission.

"Patrol Onias Sector: Patrol Aido System" - the second Hirogen ship counts now, but it is the same level as the player and not the same level as the rest of the ships in the mission.

"Ghost Ship: Setting the Trap" - Telekinesis does some very strange things to the Devidian portals.

"Difficulty Decision" - some players who had this mission prior to Season 3 still cannot complete or drop this mission.

"Patrol Almatha Sector: Patrol Aria System" - no Orbital Platforms to destroy. The mission cannot be completed.

"Cage of Fire" - occasionally will not open all of the gates. The mission cannot be completed.

"Alhena Refueling Station (Daily)" - the computer says, "Target shields have failed" when you kill the last enemy ship in the first wave, even if you have combat notifications shut off.

"Spin the Wheel" - Interacting with the consoles in the cargo bay does not trigger the interacting animation.

Vice Admirals cannot enter the DS9 Fleet Action.

Terran Empire Deep Space Encounters in Beta Ursae are giving "Defeat Reman Threat" instead of a "Defeat Terran Empire" mission.

NPC enemies still camp the spawn point in Deep Space Encounters, snix told us that this would be fixed.

B'Tran Exploration Cluster missions often have you beam down to a world that is obviously in the process of being 'Borgified'. In that the plants and trees appear to be in the process of being converted to Borg, but the enemies are not Borg.

Borg don't have 'raiders.' They don't supply weapons to rebel factions, they don't send out distress calls and they never had a 'Third Dynasty.'

Bridge Officers and NPCs fall through the ground during many B'Tran missions.

Diplomatic missions do not appear in the mission list window.
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POWERS, Ground
Certain NPCs have an attack that insta-kills the entire away team on Advanced and Elite difficulty settings.

Auto-fire option "Toggle, cancels on non-combat", prevents the player from initiating combat by clicking on the icons in the power tray.

Occasionally, some ground skills when activated do nothing and then go into their cool-down.

People often beam down with non-functional personal shields. Can be fixed by unequipping and reequipping the personal shield or using a shield heal ability.

Sniper Rifle's Sniper Shot occasionally freezes the character rendering it unable to move and unable to activate any powers. This persists until death or zoning.

Occasionally the game just decides not to allow you to use any of your powers. Neither the keyboard nor clicking on the power icon with the mouse will cause the power to work. Can usually be fixed by hitting the Left Alt key a couple of times.

Combat Supply - The granted items do not automatically appear in the power tray.

Draw Fire - is often ignored by enemies that are aggroed on the player.

Orbital Strike - The Exploit portion of this attack does not work because the animation time is longer than expose duration.


New: Cannon Scatter Volley's energy drain increases with number of targets hit.

New: Tactical Team 1 is no longer improved by raising the skill level.

Cloak now drops in response to any pop-up.

B'Rel cloak occasionally just does not function.

Occasionally, space skills when activated do nothing and then go into their cool-down.

When trying to heal self, the ability will heal a teammate instead if the targeted enemy has a teammate targeted. In other words - auto-assist is working for enemies and it shouldn't.

Brace For Impact Klingon side triggers the Starfleet Red Alert sound instead of the KDF Red Alert sound.

Diplomatic Immunity can be slotted in Ground Powers tray. It has pretty FX when used too.

Tactical Initiative (Space) - does nothing.

Multiple Tractor Beams are able to overcome the "Immunity" to Tractor Beams granted by Polarized Hull and Attack Pattern Omega.

The PvP queues are bugged, often preventing people from entering matches or creating lop-sided matches.

Players can spawn inside walls and be trapped in ground matches. The /stuck command doesn't help.

Entering Psi Velorum can cause the ship to end up trapped behind the sector wall.

When crossing sector block borders the ship always zones in facing North, instead of the actual direction of travel.

When entering an exploration cluster, the ship often falls from the top of the zone. Hitting the bottom complete with dust cloud.

Auto-navigating to many of the high systems ends with the ship under the system and too far away to enter.

Depart System button on mini map does not work in Rolor Nebula and Betraka Nebula.

Both "Infected" and "The Cure" are occasionally not giving the end mission reward to players who have successfully completed the mission.

Terradome - Trial of Janus often refuses to complete.

Infected, Queens room generators, BUG ??

The Cure
The Cure - Ground Won't Complete
The Cure: Ridiculous
List of Bugs in The Cure
The Cure, quest completion bug
The Cure: Enemies Respawning Is A Bug

Fatal Error in Khitomer Accords

Terradome Bug List
Terradome - Mysterious terrasphere

Multiple players and BOs can occasionally number more than 5 on a team. Usually happens when a player beams down after other players and their BOs are already on a planet surface.

Sidekicking is not working in fleet actions, sometimes when leveled down a player cannot enter a fleet action at all.

Enemies are often not scaling down in level when a high-level player is leveled down to other players.

Player bios no longer showing at all. Even your own can only be read in the character 'U' screen.

Message pop-up briefly displays the picture of the previous viewed player/NPC.

Windows often pop up and interfere with other windows and with the "Match the Waveform" mini-game.

Captain's Log - The New Entry function still works, but the Supplemental and Edit functions do not.

Problems with the German language client.

Many ships have the wrong icon in the shield ring UI.

Starfleet and KDF personnel are having a lot of communications mix-ups.

Some players are completely unable to rename character and BO costume slots.

Depart System button on mini map is greyed out in Rolor Nebula and Betraka Nebula.

Enable Rumble (in options) won't stay off.

Some players beam back to their ship and often find that the space powers in their tray have been randomly reorganized.

Camera settings (free, follow enemy, chase) often randomly resets itself.


Returned: Character transfer to Tribble is down again.

"Match the Waveform" mini-game is not giving extra rewards when successfully completed on ground maps.

Claiming the reward from the 'Match the Waveform' mini-game physically moves your ship a short distance for no apparent reason.

Many people report frequent game crashes.

Dynamic Lighting still has problems with ATI cards. Doesn't work, only works partially, or just causes the player's computer to crash.

The Captain Database doesn't display correct information and the search function no longer works for @names.
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Every bug that is on this list I've either personally verified or it has been verified by people that I know or by multiple forum threads about said bug.

So if you're wondering why the bug you told me about hasn't appeared on this list it's because I wasn't able to verify it and no one else seems to be having that problem.

Other threads with lists of bugs:

Klingon Faction Suggestions, Errors and Feedback Thread

The Official Bug List - Second Edition

Bugs introduced by season 3
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# 4 Terradome
01-03-2011, 09:22 AM
Mission PvE
Respawn point at STF Terradome -Where is Sulu part is half way back instead of at the door to the final room.
The right Sulu is a suicidal maniac that can only be made to let the mission advance if being kept in perpetual "talking to" state

Photonic Shockwave does not benefit from Photonic Theory according to the highlight function on the skill point page, it does however according to the info pane of various items.
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# 5
01-03-2011, 10:01 AM
-Not possible to visit the interior of a Runabout.

-Still cannot customize appearance or uniforms for Breen tactical bridge officer, Borg science bridge officer, Photonic science officer.

-Many of the player titles and fleet names get cut off - it's rather disappointing/annoying.

-Quantum torpedo sound effect is wrong.
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# 6
01-03-2011, 10:18 AM
when trying to transfer a character from holo to tribble the list of your characters names does not show up on the transfer page of the website.

gold pressed latinum trophies can be bought but they do not show up available for display.
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# 7
01-03-2011, 02:23 PM
Thank you very much for posting your bugs here all!

One request though: please only report bugs, not wish list items.

The list has been updated.
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# 8
01-03-2011, 02:42 PM
Got a fun new one for you:

The team leadership powers do not impact away team powers, even though they claim they do.

From the bug I just submitted:

1. Make a nice new Klingon and complete the first quest, only spending points on energy weapons for the spend points step. You now have a science BOff with Medical Tricorder I.
2. Observe that medical tricorder I heals for 60.
3. Raise the skill to 9/9 but don't commit to it. Observe that at 9/9, it would heal for 90.
4. Read what the player's Science Team Leader skill is supposed to do, that being "This skill improves the Scientific Theory and Scientific Practice skills of your away team science officers." Scientific Practice buffs heals, including medical tricorder.
5. Raise Science Team Leader to 9/9, so it provides +18 points.
6. Observe that medical tricorder I still heals for 60.
7. Raise the skill to 9/9 and notice it still heals for 90.

Expected Results:
Team leader skills properly increases the value of away team powers.

Note, the exact same lack of change happens with engineering and tactical officers, with the appropriate team leader skill trained. It also has no impact if the NPC is assigned to an away team or not or if the player is currently on a ground map where the BOffs are not present or one where they are.
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# 9
01-03-2011, 04:04 PM
I've got a bug with the retro ground phasers from the Dividian missions. When using the type 3 rifle, the beam gets stuck on the previous target. When the first target is eliminated, and you go onto another target, the phaser rifle fires two beams, one at the new target and one at the old, dead target. This will also happen when switching to another weapon, specifically the retro Type 2 phaser. It'll fire the Type 2 beam (blue) at the new target, but the phaser rifle beam (pink) fires at the old target. This will also happen when using powers against the new target, like grenades. It fires the pink beam at the dead target and plays the type 3 sound.
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# 10
01-03-2011, 05:07 PM
A few bugs I've noticed:

1) There is an issue with the impulse trails on the Noble class assault cruiser skin being uneven, which is especially noticeable with AEGIS set. I started a thread over on the graphical bug forum where other player have reported similar issues and upload screenshots to that effect. http://forums.startrekonline.com/sho...d.php?t=194446

2) There are numerous graphical clipping issues for players using the 200 day veteran rewards jacket on female characters. This is noticeable while running or using the "C" key to aim.*

3) I have notice some clipping when using the DS9-ish cryptic jacket (B-01 I believe) with the non-split TOS skirt. This can be seen while running or turning the character sharply.*

4) Using Beam Overload 1 on a single phaser beam array will produce the sound of a TOS phaser overloading, not the correct TNG sound attained from overloading a dual phaser beam bank.

*To better see the clipping issues in #2 and #3, make sure the uniform top is a different color than the uniform bottom.

BTW, thanks for all the hard work compiling these bugs on the forums.

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