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01-03-2011, 02:03 PM
I got this game for christmas.

It seems to be a real money drain; 30 for game + 10 a month + for ingame items etc which are probably overpowered

I've done 1 mission with ground and space combat and there doesn't seem to be anything that special or instantly appealing about the game then I realized I'm a tactical officer when I wanted to be an engineer officer =/ so now i have to restart

but I'm going to give it a proper go and try get into it because I <3 star trek and I've already paid all this much

I want to get everything right because I always enjoy being pro so can somebody tell me if:
Efficient Captain
Warp Theorist
are the best choices for an engineer? (probably combat engineer)

and I also would like to know about my first bridge officer, If I'm an engineer > would getting an engineer bridge officer be stupid?
would getting a tactical BOof be best choice?

and why does the race of the BOof matter?
Lt. Commander
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01-03-2011, 02:33 PM
Efficient Captain
Warp Theorist

are great choices for any class

Astrophysicist is also good.

All of these will save you skill points or get the most out of powers no matter what ship you end up in.
Remember even a no sci ship still has sci powers, etc.

Joined Trill has joined symbiote which is another good choice.

IMO Alien and Joined trill are the best 2 races by far for anyone wanting to min/max.

Ground traits have very little impact overall.

As far as BOs, you will need one of each to outfit your first ship. SO doesn't really matter which you grab 1st.

On the ground, most people run with 2-3 engineers and 1 sci for heals. This doesn't really matter until Lt Com (level 11) when your engineers can use turrets. Before then tacs will net you more dps on the ground, but still it's not a huge boost.

The race of the boff will give you some inherent traits based on that race. Nothing that is so powerful it makes a huge difference though. Unless you find an efficient saurian.

One nice thing about this game is, it doesn't take long to max level. So if you find you don't like your race/traits later, rolling up a new char is easy.

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