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# 1 Returning player questions...
01-03-2011, 11:48 PM
Hi all,
Returning player here. I played for about 40 days back in April '10. I remembered getting bored and went back to CoH (where I have like 97 million alts). Anyways, I thought I'd give this game another shot. I had left a KDF (Engineer) char at LC 4, in his K'tanco battlecruiser. Well, I got back on and went back to T'ong missions and got him to LC5 just now.

Okay, so... some questions from a returning n00b. No, wait, I don't even qualify as a n00b.... I'm just a ch00b. After a month I might rank up to n00b.

1. Is T'ong nebula grinding still pretty much it for levelling? I did manage to get a nice rare torp launcher during this, and slapped it in immediately. Also, I've noticed you can put everything on Auto now, not just two weapons? Kinda nice not having to worry about that, I can just joust and watch the buffs / abilities.

2. How the heck do I unlock my UI on the ground, so I can move the toolbar, chatbox, etc. around? I totally forgot, and somehow, apparently, I locked it before.

And now the big question....

3. When I get to Commander, should I go BoP (I think it's called Norgh?), or go with the K'Tinga? I was kinda surprised to find I don't have cloak at all on the K'Tanco. Unless I just don't know where to look lol. For some reason I was thinking all Klingon ships had cloak, but only BoP's have battle cloak? (Like I said, I can't remember hardly anything lol)
If the K'Tinga can't cloak, then I'm going BoP. Probly. Maybe. I dunno...
Also, how do you get this K'Tinga refit version? And, can you use it at Commander? What's the difference between the refit and normal?

Another thought I had... since you can put 3 Fore Weapons in the BoP (right?) I was thinking... why not go 1 DHC and 2 torp launchers, and just spec this guy for torps? (I usually put a turret and array in the rear) My sci officer has that ability to drain enemy shields, so... if I keep that going, I should be able to use a strategy of buffing my upfront DHC, open with the shield drain move, blast, shields down fast, then torp buff + torps. Maybe. I dunno. Like I said, I'm just a ch00b lol. And I just do PvE. And right now I wouldn't even dream about teaming with anyone, cuz I still don't know WTH I'm doing lol.

Also, I made this guy to look like a Romulan, so I hope that doesn't P.O. any serious Klingon players. If you read his bio though, you find out he's an android that was created to infiltrate the Tal Shiar. And did. A BoP would probly be more appropriate for this guy.

ANyways, thanks for any advice y'all, and have fun blasting those Federation dogs! Rarrr!
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# 2
01-04-2011, 01:12 AM
I haven't had to go through the T'ong since I was a Lt. Cmdr (am a Lt. Gen now did it in 2 weeks)

There are a few new PVE missions for klingons handed out by the usualy suspects on Qo'Nos, not to mention availabity to other sectors previously only for Feds (Pi Canis) for system patrol raids that are repeatable.

Then theres the Weekly episodes breen and davidian missions (Orillius, and Eta Eradani sectors..probably didnt spell em right) those are repeatable too through mission replay accessable from your ready room on yer bridge.

New Nebulas to explore etc etc....tons of new stuff compared to when you were here last.

All in all my frined leveling has never been better for a Kling and its less blah when you do it.
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# 3
01-04-2011, 01:14 AM
Oh almost forgot, the ship choices at the higher end is great, but where you are now? I used both a cruiser and BoP, found the BoP to be much quicker on the kills.

All in all whatever suits yer play style....use the heck out of it. most of all enjoy yerself.....your gonna have lots of fun....need anything? hit me up I'll help how ever I can.
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# 4
01-04-2011, 02:57 AM
All Tier 2 to Tier 4 Klingon ships should have cloak. But the button might have disappeared from your power tray? (At Tier 5, there are Carriers and Gorn, Orion and Nausicaan ships that don't).

At Ther 2, I would suggest going with the Bird of Prey or the Raptor, probably, if I did it again. At Tier 3, I found the K'Tinga an excellent Cruiser, probably better t hen the Federation Cruiser at that tier. The foreward pointing weapon slots and its high maneuverability are awesome. Dual Beams or even Cannons work well on that ship, giving you a significant damage output.

The UI elements are generally not free-moving. There is a special mode that you can activate via the menu IIRRC that allows you to move the elements around. There might also be some advice on how to use console commands in the chat window to "unlock" the elements and do it without that special mode. Consult on that.

For leveling, you now have additional options:
  1. Pi Canis Sortie Alpha and Beta. (each 3 missions IIRC)
  2. Deferi Daily Patrol (consisting of 3 missions) and 2 additional dailies.
  3. Eta Eridani Missions (3 Missions)
  4. New Storyline missions from the weekly episodes in the Orrelius and the Eta Eridani Sector Block. (The Deferi and the Devidian Series). More such missions are supposed to start this month. (One new episode per week over 5 weeks or so.)
  5. New Klingon Storyline missions. They start at Lt.Cmdr, Cmdr and Captain levels, IIRC. (So at your level, you've got only one option.)

Should beat another set of exploration missions any time of the day.
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# 5
01-04-2011, 03:24 AM
Thanks for the replies everyone!

I will have to find the cloak function button lol. I'm LT Commander 5 right now, in a K'Tanco battlecruiser (kinda looks like a baby K'Tinga).

After having a few battles with these NPC ships, I'm leaning towards going K'Tinga next rank up, when I get Commander. I got that Ship Tier chart by Spider Mitch, and the K'Tinga has a MUCH larger crew, and I think it might fit my usual playstyle better. On CoH I like Tankers, or any toon that can just stand toe to toe and slug it out. As a KDF Engineer, I'd probly be better off sticking with the Battlecruiser class ships. And then, one day, NEGH VAR!!!

Any advice on doing missions for someone who wants to avoid ground stuff if possible? I'd prefer to just do space battle missions. Unless you guys tell me something like "Hey, you need to do X mission arc for So-and-so because you get ship component rewards" or something lol.

So far, it's pretty darn fun, my ship and crew are pretty tough, (and thank Kah'less for the auto-fire feature). Wasn't there a type of torpedo that can do damage even thru shields? I'm planning to spec this guy for Disruptors, and Torps (but I could change my mind later lol).

Wasn't that a K'Tinga in Star Trek 6, that General Chang (Christopher Plummer) was in? What did they call it, the Prang? I swear it had a cloak. "Can you see me Kirk? I can see YOU!" Do you have to buy the Refit version from the C-Store? And is it better?

Anyways, once again, any advice for a returnnig ch00b is greatly appreciated!
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# 6
01-04-2011, 03:38 AM
If you really want to avoid the ground the Pi Canis raids patrols until your eyes bleed, or the expanse missions...but this will produce that grindy feeling you are probably trying to get away from. The breen dailies also are mostly space except one where its a ground pound mission.

Again let me know if ya need somethin....

Good Hunting
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# 7
01-04-2011, 05:05 AM
Just play on normal difficulty for the missions to have the ground part be easy enough. Except for one, none of them are repeatable (well, there is mission replay).
As unique rewards:
The Breen/Deferi missions has the Transphasic Cluster Torpedo and the Devidian missions have a TOS Phaser Beam Array, IIRC. The rest is mostly ground, I think.

The Weekly Series missions are some of the best designed in this game, so I wouldn't miss them, even if you don't like ground. (I don't like it either.)
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# 8
01-04-2011, 05:25 AM
"Transphasic Cluster Torpedo"???


(K'Tanco engines firing up) vwooooOOOOSH

Oh yeah, I found my Cloak button lol. It had somehow dropped off the toolbar. Not that you need it really in a Battlecruiser. You know, the K'Tanco isn't a bad ride for a ch00b.

I'm guessing the K'Tinga refit is just cosmetic, and there isn't really any difference between it and the regular one?
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# 9
01-04-2011, 06:36 AM
Unfortunatly you will find other things drop off the tool bar....a little annoying if you ask me. Wish Cryptic would fix that. It usually occurs when you up yer BO skill points from what I've seen.
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# 10
01-04-2011, 07:41 AM
Changing ships and BOs is always bad. I made the habit of using only the 9th and 10th slot bars for my powers, since the game doesn'T seem to drop stuff needlessly there.

Speaking of stuff that changes or resets - when you get a new ship, don't forget to check your power levels. It typically goes to the standard settings (all 50). Which is pretty much the most useless setting ever.

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