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I feel that I must of made a mistake in my math somewhere goes

(This is for a fleet escort with all skills taken to boost hull hp)

First a break down of each point in Starship hull repair
skill rank//////// how many points you get from each rank
1 10
2 8
3 6
4 6
5 6
6 4
7 4
8 4
9 4

Now the breakdown of each point..

54.6% before any points, take away 59.6% with 1 point put into the starship hull repair skill are your left with -5%. Consider it to be 5%

so essentially 1 point increases regen by .5%. 5/10

Max rank of this skill yields a bonus of that is 80.6% total. My fleet escort hull's hp is 39,001

39,001/60 secs= 650 hp per sec

650x(80.6/100)=523hp per sec for a fleet escort instead of the 355 (650x(54.6/100))without any points in the skill.

Don't count humans into the equation, their space trait is currently bugged.

So what is everyone's thoughts on this? I don't it really warrants all 9 ranks, maybe an engineer in a cruiser (it does buff engineering team and miracle worker) but for tacts in a escort at least....I think I'll pass.

Hope some of you Stoers found this info helpful, have a good one.
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01-05-2011, 06:33 PM
Your captain's skills boost the abilities of your boffs and your own abilities.

They do not, however, provide a size-able advantage by themselves. The rationale is that the combat should be player skill-focused (i.e. using powers in the best order) rather than subscription time-focused (i.e. EVE 's skill system which heavily favors veteran subscribers).
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01-05-2011, 07:09 PM
I am confused by this anyone else?

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