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Tips to the borg STFs.
Biggest tip I can give to players that just want the borg set is to play the stfs on RA, same rewards, easier run, less frustration.
Infected tips.
Part 1…Before you even zone in:
Bring you’re A-game and listen to the designated leader that has leading experience and knows the run
a) Come with hypos(preferably large) to take some pressure off of the healer
b) Bring yourself some Major power cells to use on boss borg (extra damage means borg die faster :p)
c) Bring a healer ship and a ground medic
d) Kits that are full of awesome……Tactical kits=Squad leader and Security protocol (These sets have the overwatch ability which provides a “pulsing” aura that grants a big defensive buff to group members in the area. Engineer kits=The bunker kit, (the dome can prevent wipes and is terrific for getting borg out of personal space). Science kits=Medic kit, (Science officers is the healing class of the game…be a healer and be respected).
e) Bring good guns, personal favorite of mine is the antiproton sniper rifle and the prototype proton gun (this weapon has received a nerf but it is still a decent choice.). A note about batleths, they are great for hacking elite tactical drones that go impervious to weapon fire but it’s very dangerous to be in the middle of a borg group and risking being rooted with a bunch of assimilated debuffs on you.
f) Remember that you are part of a team…ACT LIKE IT

Part 2….SPACE
a) Upon zoneing in, there will be 2 borg cubes and about 4-5 spheres, engage and destroy these ships.
b) Upon the warp core breech of the last borg ship, your science officer will alert you that there is a transwarp gate that the borg are using to bring in re-enforcements that must be destroyed. It is very crucial to alert the group to not press continue at this point. You can minimize the window and get into position behind the gate
c) Be ready to unload everything damage wise for when the team leader says he is about to bring up the gate.
d) Focus all your fire on the center of the gate; fire on my marks, scan sensors, tactical fleet, hit that shield hard before worrying about the first wave

***NOTE***(If you have someone that does not understand English, missed you saying/typing not to press continue, or someone who just likes to be a griefer, you will have to waste time on the first wave before even starting to hit the gate.

e) The goal here is to bring the gate down to about 26% to bring out the tactical cube before engaging the wave, I have done this with 4 sci vessels and myself being the only escort/tact, so it is possible.
f) Depending how well you did, you should now see either probes, probes and spheres, probes spheres cubes, or probes spheres cubes and 1 tactical cube.
g) The gate will become shielded regardless of how low it fell…. If there is a tactical cube, ignore this step….Kill all borg ships except for one; preferably a probe,(kill order being probes, spheres, cubes), save this last ship until the group is back into position behind the gate. When ready, destroy the final ship and the gate will become active again. Rinse and repeat this step until the tactical cube appears.
h) Congrats, the tactical cube has appeared, take out the all probes first, all spheres second, all cubes third, and then take that tactical cube out.
i) Upon detonation of the tactical cube the gate will be active once more but no borg will spawn…finish the gate off and receive your loot. You will get a better reward if no one destroyed one of the three transwarp conduits around the gate(destroying these will make the space portion faster and easier.)

Part 3….The Path to Captain Ogden
***NOTE*** The ground game is the same leading all the way up to the first boss (Captain Ogden)

Just basic tips to follow and it is a joke. There is one crucial tip that should be followed to save head aches.
Crucial Tip: Do not use pet abilities unless you see your leader use it. Pet abilities include security escort, turrets and drones.

Kill order is nodes first, infected drones second, medical drones third, proto drones/reg drones fourth, then kill off tactical drones.

The patrols are not tied to groups, you can engage the patrols without worrying about pulling groups

Patrols are fast and deadly, try to pull back into an open area and pop all pet abilities/cds/ aoes to get these head aches over with

There is no reason to pull 2 groups at a time, aim your pre-emptive shots at a node then run back to a pre-determined rally point.(a tactical officer with 2 sniper rifles can do this by him/herself quite well).

If you get rooted, the hypos I told you to bring will break it.

Part 4….Captain Ogden’s room.

a) There will be 2 node groups in this room; neither is tied to each other or to Captain Ogden, so dispatch the groups before engaging Ogden.

b) The best strategy to use against Ogen is to pull him to the hallway prior to his room, takes a bit of taunting but he will come. Upon reaching either half health or the loss of his shield, he will spawn 2 borg groups complete with nodes in the room. (This is why it is wise to have him in the hallway so that no one pulls a borg group.).

Part 5……To the Queen!!!

a) To the left of the door with the forcefield are 3 consoles. These consoles must be activated at the near exact time. My method of getting 2 others to press at the right time is that I say R either in vent/ts or type it out in chat when I see them in position. It has worked well for me.
b) There will be quite a few borg groups between your current position and the final boss of infected, you can either dispatched them the normal way as described in “Part 3….The path to Captain Ogden” OR you can use a method that I would call an exploit.
c) If you are getting to the queen the normal way, skip this step…. You can run all the way to the queens respawn point without fighting any of the in between borg. This is best seen instead of explained through text….basically someone that has done this method before will say “sprint when I sprint,” follow this leader while using hypos when you get stuck and staying close to a tactical officer using overwatch and the group should make it to the respawn point. At this point, let everyone die so the borg can reset. Wipe out the pat going up and down the ramp before the queen and carry on to the final part. (this exploit can shave 30+ mins from a run)

Part 6…The Queen /cackle
***Note***Play super Mario music to get you in a jumping mood
Tips to know:
1. Pressing and holding the space bar will allow you to jump higher then just tapping the button.
2. If you do fall into the plasma, do not press respawn…you will be locked out of the room. Instead, have a team mate revive you, upon resurrection try to jump onto one of the pipes located on the corner platforms. This is a little frustrating but it will keep you in the fight.
3. There are borg alcoves that are located on the west side of the map (I may be wrong…stupid memory hijinxes ) If all of the group is located here, the borg queen will not be able to hit you with her OP aoe. I like hiding at the ramp located at the start of the room but I am crazy like that.
4. Caitians have a superior passive jump so they should be one of the three jumpers
5. Borg do not assimilate here but they do get annoying.
6. You can knock borg into the plasma for quicker deaths.
7. This is a timed event from the moment the first console gets a virus, it is wise to clear all the borg(they will also respawn) before going to work

a) Before running in; guns blazing, the group must select three jumpers and 2 cover fire personnel. These guys will go platform to platform to deactivate the shield protecting a console that one member will upload a virus into (the virus is just pressing the interact button.) The cover fire group will be keeping the borg off the jumpers while they get the four consoles that are located in the corners of the room.
b) When all 4 consoles have a virus, there will be a borg generator in the center of the room. Destroy this before the first console timer runs out. If you destroy the console, go to step (c) otherwise you must repeat step (a)
c) The borg queen is about to get active, get yourself to an alcove and let the B have it. Everyone must be in the alcove or else the group may wipe due to her damned aoe attack. This is where you pop everything; all cds…get er done…

If you kill the queen, congrats and I’ll see you in sector space with the bad (donkey) engines.

Just a note from me...I'll be writing a cure and KA guide pending how well this guide is received. Sorry if the walls of text crits anyone. And the spoiler warning is there just for any new people to the game.
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# 2
01-06-2011, 02:08 PM
In case I need it....I wonder how many edits will I be adding...
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01-06-2011, 02:14 PM
Minor detail, but Armek is the ground boss for Cure. But, for the life of me, I can't remember the name of the captain.
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01-06-2011, 02:18 PM
Originally Posted by Latinumbar
Minor detail, but Armek is the ground boss for Cure. But, for the life of me, I can't remember the name of the captain.
I believe it is Rebecca Simmons or something close to that.

Edit: I think the poster below me is correct, for some reason I was thinking of the Queen at the end of Infected.
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01-06-2011, 02:20 PM
Captain Ogden ??????
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01-06-2011, 02:27 PM
Ogen is the captain.
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01-06-2011, 03:10 PM
Originally Posted by Idali
Ogen is the captain.
Correct, and it's not the Borg queen either, but Manus of Borg aka Rebecca Simmons.
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01-06-2011, 03:56 PM
Must be a pathetic guide if all anyone wants to talk about is the typo, lol
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02-23-2011, 12:19 PM
its a great guide. please where is your cure guide

nothing to talk abotu because its perfect.

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