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# 1 Refits and Mixed-spec Ships
01-06-2011, 06:34 PM
While I fly the Excelsior RF I do admit that I don't particularly like the looks of it. I never liked the older series ship designs but quite love the Intrepid and Sovereign classes and I don' t see why starfleet would commission an ancient ship design and beef it out rather than work on either new ships or ramp up the old ones. I would happily pay 2k CP for a Sovvy RF.

This being said I like what the Excelsior and Nebula are doing in terms of ship ability layout. I think Cryptic may be on to something with adding some more mixture into the BO assignments on these final tier ships. Why not mix things up a bit more and have a few more ships that are say Cruiser but have varying boosts to Tactical abilities and make Tactical and Science RFs that do the same with abilities they generally don't have access to? Make one or two more Cruisers with a LtCom tactical or LtCom Science slots and Escorts with LtCom Engi or LtCom Sci as well as Science ships with LtCom Tac or LtCom Engi. It would be interesting to be able to have this freedom when you reach endgame and would probably create a more starfleet environment rather than everyone flying the same cruisers/escorts/science ships near the end. In all engagements in the series you don't generally see say ONLY Galaxy starships fighting in a battle.

What do you reckon, Cryptic and fellow Admirals?

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