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Here are some rudimentary suggestions I make for how to implement the ferengi's. They were taken from underneath a question I posed in the Ask Cryptic January edition thread.

Originally Posted by Grim_Fandango
Question 1: Why haven't other factions such as the Ferengi been made into playable races?

The reason given against my suggestion is that you would have to have to add Ferengi splinter factions because not all Ferengi's agreed with the Grand Nagus's wish that Ferengar remain at peace with the Federation. This fact leads many trekies and the devs to view the Ferengi-Federation alliance as tenuous, at best. Still, that shouldn't keep you from making them playable. Splinter ferengi-factions could be made with a rich storyline to make them fit logically into the current storyline shared by the Romulans, Cardassians, Mirror Universe Factions, etc. The ferengi's could command a massive trade empire with individual players investing in shops, mining facilities, and forming trade alliances with the other factions.

Another argument against adding them into the game is their lack of ships. If you look at the Ferengi ships on, you'll see there are at least two canon ships-the D'kora class Marauder and the Grand Nagus's shuttle. A third ship, the 22nd century transport shuttle can be seen, as well. Adding these three into the game wouldn't be difficult. The older shuttle and Grand Nagus shuttle could be added in as tier 1 and tier 2 retro-fits with vast improvements to allow for combat. The Marauder, having several variations and given that it's combat abilities are unknown, could be made into a stronger-t4 and weaker-t3 variation. A tier 5 assault cruiser could be created utilizing a combination of architecture from the 22nd century shuttle and the Marauder. Lastly, there would be no cruiser, science ship, and tactical ship differentiation. To compensate for this, the weaker Marauder could be more science oriented, the stronger one more engineering oriented, and the tier 5 ship more combat oriented.

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