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# 1 Ship Balancing
01-09-2011, 10:51 AM
I've been looking at the numbers on various ships and used these same ships for some time and it occurs to me that I should mention something.

The Galaxy X has 39,000 hull. // The Neghvar has 39,000 hull.
The Galaxy X has 1000 crew // The neghvar has 2500 crew.
The Galaxy X has Cloak. // the neghvar has Cloak.
The Galaxy X has 6 degree/Second Turn Rate. . // The neghvar has a 9 degree/second Turn Rate.
The Galaxy X has 4 Foreward and 3 Aft Weapon Slots // The neghvar has 4 Fore / 4 Aft Weapon Slots.
The Galaxy X has a Spinal Lance // The Neghvar does not.
The Galaxy X has 4 Device Slots. // The Neghvar has 3 Device Slots.
The Galaxy X has 4 Eng/2Sci/2tac Console Slots // The neghvar has 4 / 2 / 3.
Both Ships can use Dual Heavy Cannons.
The Galaxy X has 1 Lt. Comm Eng, 1 Comm Eng, 1 Lt Sci, 1 Lt Tac, 1 Ensign Tac
The Neghvar has 1 Lt. Comm Eng, 1 Comm Eng, 1 Ensign Eng, 1 Lt Sci, 1 Lt Tac.
Their inertia is equivalent.

Looking this over, I would say the Neghvar is the clear winner. Its true the Galaxy X does have the spinal lance, but its a rather limited one-shot type of weapon which could likely be replicated vs. one target with a beam overload from the neghvar quite successfully. In addition the turn radius on a Galaxy X is so bad, that there is no intelligible reason to ever use Cannons of any kind on the ship much less DHC's or DC's. (I think most people would agree). The Neghvar is by far a much more balanced ship, and having played both I must say its just a much smoother ship to fly, and frankly feels tougher than the Galaxy X. It turns out that for tanking purposes, turn rate is actually quite crucial to rotate shield facings.

The comparison doesn't end there though. All the other Federation class vessels have comparable Hull, but no other real bells or whistles to even come close. I thought the Federation was supposed to have such amazing technology? Saucer separation is okay and all but to be honest I just find the neghvar a greater joy to play. The Star Cruiser is a wonderful ship, and for the most part is comparable except for the fact it has less crew and no cloak.

Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not asking for a nerf of the Klingon vessels. Far from it. I love captaining my klingon ships, but I am bothered by some of these inequities. Especially considering that the Federation supposedly has some of the most advanced technologies in the Galaxy. if we're going to make the Federation ships lumbering and slow, it would make sense to also make them either have more accompanying hull or perhaps an inherent resistance trait across the board.

By the by, I think the Star Cruiser is a beautiful ship. I don't know what other people think of it, since it doesn't have the usual sort of saucer, but I think its one of the most fantastic looking ships out there. I just don't know why the modern technology of this ship is so much more backward than 20 year old Neghvar and even Federation designs. I really hope we get a Retrofit or higher class of this ship down the road.

Likewise, I just don't understand why the Galaxy X is built the way it is. Its a one shot wonder, and I'm not even so sure it is all that great at that. Once it fires its big cannon, it needs to fill the tanky Cruiser roll, and it doesn't do near as well at this as almost anything else on the Cruiser list. I want to like the ship, I really do, but it feels like I'm riding a Drunken Elephant on an ice skating rink.

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