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# 1 End Game Idea
01-11-2011, 12:31 PM
I just reached vice admiral, and the first thing that I noticed, was a sort of lack of purpose to play, besides pvp. This being because you cant gain no more skill, so there is no goal.
To give vicers more of a reason to play end game, STO should introduce 1 single (long) variable to each players account.
This variable being called say Reknown.
Reknown acts like skill pts for level, except you do not gain any leveles.
This way at least vices can see this number grow, and you can tell how long a player has played that character by his Reknown.

This should only take the devs 15 min to implement, given it is just a variable to store a number and a label to display it. 15 min, for a really big diference.

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