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I wasn't sure where to post this and I apologize if something like this has already been posted.

This is an idea on how to possibly revamp the Klingon neutral zone as it doesn’t make much sense to me to have systems which queue you up for certain PvP scenarios when you can just use the PvP Queue on the minimap. Or this could be just a new sector somewhere.

Territory Control/Shifting Frontline,

The idea of this is to have a main base in the neutral zone for both sides. Federation and Klingon players will fight over control of systems that are within the designated frontline. Once one side controls all systems within the frontline, it will shift closer towards the opposition’s main base giving access to the next set of systems to be conquered.

Main Base,

Once one side has shifted the frontline close enough to the opposition’s main base, a full assault can be launched on said base. This battle should have multiple phases to go through in order to conquer the base.

Phase 1: Defeat enemy space forces.

Phase 2: Destroy base’s defenses.

Phase 3: Defeat enemy commander. This should be a ground battle on either a space station or on a planet depending where the main base is located. A fleet action scale fight in a station is probably not possible in which case an open battlefield on a planet in front of the base would be better. This again could be objective based with multiple phases. This could also be an STF which becomes available when defeating the base defenses in which case a space station would work.

System battles,

These should be war zones in which the Klingons and the Federation battle over various objectives. Objectives should include resource battles, capture and hold, capture the whatever (it’d be kind of silly for Klingon and Federation players to battle over a flag…), simple team death match and perhaps other more objective driven zones such as defeating the opposition’s commander. In fact these are pretty much like battlegrounds in ‘World of Warcraft’ with the exception that these are warzones with reset timers after one side wins and one is free to enter and leave any time.

Conquering a System,

Due to having one server with different instances, the way on how to decide which side conquers a system is perhaps a bit more difficult. The total score of both sides could be compared to each other at the end of the day to determine who wins over the system. But in order to avoid an impasse, it might be required to add vulnerability phases during which a system can be conquered.

In the end this would create a sector which Klingon and Federation players compete over to unlock a special Fleet Action, STF or Warzone which yields its own rewards for completing. And aside from the warzones being pretty much open PvP zones that some people would like to see, it might also be a good way to introduce special PvP sets for space and ground.

Ideas taken from: World of ********, Warhammer Online, Fronltines: Fuels of War.


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