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# 1 How has it changed?
01-11-2011, 10:27 AM
while reading a lot of online comics on games I ran into this one. and it reminded me how hard it is for a designer to make something visually pleasing for explores and yet spread sheet ready for gamers.

While on vent I tend to just stat a game out. checking gear on points and useful traits and buffs.

but once in a while. a few friend get on. where in no hurry. we walk around in walk mode looking at scenery and the detail the art teams did. commenting about story lines even some light rp and immersion. With the occasional tell from someone letting us know if we went off walk we would move faster.

I think in solo is when most of us get into the story line. when we have time to read the mission and get into the hole event. like actors improving on stage we get into our own world.

I remember playing EQ immersed into the world exploring even turning on dark elf language all the time. Now seems more stats and ques and point spread. and you need this to do this and this gear for this mission or we won't let you in or kick you if not.

I think is why I like CRYPTIC's style of design. is group friendly I can group with a friend level one with my captain and join in on missions with them. They can join me on mine. I got a single costume look or style and don't have to mix gear to make a single look. and most weapons and gear is pretty strait forward and adjust easily to level changes when eathere "sidetracking" with a friend or in a pvp battle. Cryptic games are the first mmo's style game I have enjoyed pvp play.

I think this is a rant I just did? or a share my thoughts things. But I have to say. almost every player I have meet so far in STO has been up happy friendly and helpful. I do think we have one of the best community online groups right now. and I am greatly enjoyed the game so far not just because of the work cryptic has done. But the players are just better in STO as people then most games I have tried.

See you all in sector space again. OH mains for caits :p POWER TO THE KITTY

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