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I love the addition of the Foundry which I see as a great creative outlet.

I'd love to work with some talented people who would be interested in developing and creating missions and story archs. I, myself, am I writer full of ideas which fit into the Star Trek universe. My credentials aren't very fascinating as I've never published something, but to my credit, I write a lot of stories and I've studied creative writing. I've also, back in the day, written a script for a Star Trek fan film which, sadly, ultimately was never filmed.

Even though English is not my native language, I love coming up with ideas, developing them into stories/dialogue/scenarios etc., and I'm sure you'll find I have some really great ideas which I'd like to develop into fun, playable missions using the Foundry. I also have comprehensive knowledge of Star Trek and the universe it plays out in.

I'd really like to work with people who are serious about making great fan-created content. Both stand alone missions and maybe, when we get the hang of it all, whole story-archs and multiple missions which fit together.

Send me a PM if you aren interested and we could start playing around with the Foundry and see where we land!
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01-14-2011, 01:10 AM
I'd love to collaborate with other Foundry authors to make better, more interesting, and especially fun, missions. C:

If I were to share the mission I'm developing with this group, however, an NDA would have to be agreed on by the rest of the group. I don't want anyone spoiling the plot due to various twists and turns in contains lest the experience would become very diluted. >_>;

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