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12-04-2011, 02:54 PM
Good matches seems to bre rare but we're have a few good ones this weekend. My bum isn't long match friendly usually as I'm used to getting up and moving around a bit after each round. Today, that didn't happen much.

TFBB Day 2 of the new half finished skill tree and titanic amount of bugs was a bit more focused than yesterday. Bugs noted though is PvP lag, many powers and weapons not responding even when clicked repeatedly, still heal targetting issues with massive spam on screen. 3 seconds before map booting sucks, and that's just a few. We had Dawson DC'd for some unknown reason during the last match what never finished also. However... I am very happy to se that at least challenging players seems to be working much better. Not perfect, but still much better. Here are todays match results.

Round 1 (Ground)
Round 2 (Space)
Round 3 (Space): Called

Round 2 was the most note-worthy today. This match was long but epic in every sense. The teams were as balanced as you could ever get. Hort and myself against Alecto and Pi. Each kill was well earned and ther stragegies changed to compensate. Hort and I were ahead 9 - 7 but Alecto and Pi fought superbly to earn the match victory! Well deserved! [=

Round 3 - Z (Left), JC (Center), and Alecto (Right)
Some of us standing around in Drozana.

A huge thanks to everyone who attended todays event!

Edit: WOOHOO! 100th page!

Edit 2: Here is some post Round 2 chat talk.

Originally Posted by Post Round 2: TFBB Chat Channel
[12/4 3:19] Toucan Sam@hort_wort: argh, sooooo close

[12/4 3:20] Alecto@Alecto: Awesome game!

[12/4 3:20] Toucan Sam@hort_wort: lol

[12/4 3:20] Jimmy Funk@JCSWW: Well said Alecto!

[12/4 3:20] Alecto@Alecto: Owee my hands hurt

[12/4 3:20] Toucan Sam@hort_wort: what was wild

[12/4 3:20] Baloo@piwright42: GOOD GAME!

[12/4 3:20] Jimmy Funk@JCSWW: That was excellent!

[12/4 3:21] Alecto@Alecto: Was concentrating so hard towards the end there, esspecially when Hort kept running off. lol

[12/4 3:21] Baloo@piwright42: Who even won?

[12/4 3:21] Alecto@Alecto: We did Pi by 1 point

[12/4 3:21] Jimmy Funk@JCSWW: Sensor Scan and being hit with that lance was a death trap.

[12/4 3:21] Baloo@piwright42: WOW

[12/4 3:21] Alecto@Alecto: It was 10 to 9

[12/4 3:21] Jimmy Funk@JCSWW: Great job you two!

[12/4 3:21] Toucan Sam@hort_wort: that was too close

[12/4 3:21] Alecto@Alecto: The scoreboard doesn't stay up very long now does it

[12/4 3:21] Jimmy Funk@JCSWW: Come back victory and all.

[12/4 3:21] Jimmy Funk@JCSWW: I got the screen.

[12/4 3:22] Baloo@piwright42: That was too awesome!

[12/4 3:22] Toucan Sam@hort_wort: i knew i was gonna lose when we were all stuck together in that plasma at the end, i'm the squishiest

[12/4 3:22] Alecto@Alecto: I'd like to see our scores, missed them...

[12/4 3:22] Baloo@piwright42: You rock JC.

[12/4 3:22] Toucan Sam@hort_wort: i liked the ending

[12/4 3:22] Jimmy Funk@JCSWW: I post them in the TFBB threads after each event.

[12/4 3:22] Alecto@Alecto: You all played extremely well.

[12/4 3:22] Toucan Sam@hort_wort: all trapped together like that, quite epic

[12/4 3:22] Alecto@Alecto: We all played

[12/4 3:22] Alecto@Alecto: I need coffeee

[12/4 3:23] Baloo@piwright42: I think we can safely say we all did our best.

[12/4 3:23] Alecto@Alecto: yup

[12/4 3:23] Toucan Sam@hort_wort: i remember right at the start someone summoned a carrier for an escort, i knew it was gonna be a memorable match

[12/4 3:23] Baloo@piwright42: I was so confused by that!

[12/4 3:23] Baloo@piwright42: And it kept happening.

[12/4 3:24] Toucan Sam@hort_wort: especially since none of us are playing a klink?

[12/4 3:24] Baloo@piwright42: I think I even summoned KDF ships.

[12/4 3:24] [Fleet] A change has been made to a fleet event.

[12/4 3:24] Jimmy Funk@JCSWW:

[12/4 3:24] Baloo@piwright42: That was what had me confused.

[12/4 3:24] Toucan Sam@hort_wort: crazy arse bugs

[12/4 3:24] Jimmy Funk@JCSWW: Feds summon KDF help right now.

[12/4 3:24] Jimmy Funk@JCSWW: Did something similar to Dawson yesterday.

[12/4 3:24] Toucan Sam@hort_wort: the phaser lance, the antimatter spread, and the engine plasma was what did me in

[12/4 3:25] Toucan Sam@hort_wort: use any of those two on me and i died

[12/4 3:25] Baloo@piwright42: Could not figure out who or what to shoot the first time. That is like scramble sensors... of the mind.

[12/4 3:25] Toucan Sam@hort_wort: any two of those three i mean

[12/4 3:25] Jimmy Funk@JCSWW: Yeah. Other than the Plasma, I'd say mine and Alecto's G-X's are pretty similar.

[12/4 3:25] Jimmy Funk@JCSWW: Lots of Borg gear and all.

[12/4 3:25] Baloo@piwright42: They were well matched.

[12/4 3:25] Toucan Sam@hort_wort: i think JC was shooting me more than the other team

[12/4 3:26] Jimmy Funk@JCSWW: I'm still shocked at how well these weapons hold up. Yeah. You can thanks the sensor screambling that was alwasy timed well when I hit FAW.

[12/4 3:26] Baloo@piwright42: When Hort and I were off dueling I kept loking up to see of Alecto was OK and I was surprised by how well we were both doing all thongs considered.

[12/4 3:26] Jimmy Funk@JCSWW: [Phaser Beam Array Mk XI [CrtD]x2]

[12/4 3:26] Toucan Sam@hort_wort: and pi!! what the heck, man! didn't anyone tell you you're not supposed to fly a science ship and get up in someone's face like that?!

[12/4 3:27] Toucan Sam@hort_wort: i couldn't keep you in my cannon crosshairs with you zipping around like that

[12/4 3:27] Jimmy Funk@JCSWW: lol

[12/4 3:27] Baloo@piwright42: ROFL!

[12/4 3:27] Alecto@Alecto: bk, got coffee *reads*

[12/4 3:27] Jimmy Funk@JCSWW: Everyone did superb that round! Definitely an epic battle to the end!

[12/4 3:28] Baloo@piwright42: Well this is my escorty science ship after all. Still Hort I had a tough time keepng you under the gun as well.

[12/4 3:29] Will@MGDawson: Are you lot doing another round?

[12/4 3:29] Baloo@piwright42: I blew 12 weapon bats, 10 engine bats and 3 aux bats. That was an epic war.

[12/4 3:29] Jimmy Funk@JCSWW: That was a long battle. Is everyone up for another?

[12/4 3:29] Toucan Sam@hort_wort: i think i'm gonna switch to my carrier, flying escort wears me out

[12/4 3:29] Jimmy Funk@JCSWW: lol

[12/4 3:29] Baloo@piwright42: Normally I might drop 1 bat in an entire match.
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12-08-2011, 08:59 AM
THIS WEEKEND, the TFBB gets into the holiday spirit!

Disclaimer: Holiday TFBB events are solely dependent on Cryptic's delivery of the Winter Holiday Event on time and in a state that's actually playable.
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12-08-2011, 09:05 AM
Originally Posted by JCSWW View Post

Disclaimer: Holiday TFBB events are solely dependent on Cryptic's delivery of the Winter Holiday Event on time and in a state that's actually playable.
Good thinking on this.
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12-08-2011, 09:12 AM
We pew pew Borg wearing ice boots?
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12-08-2011, 09:15 AM
Originally Posted by Capulet View Post
We pew pew Borg wearing ice boots?
Snowballs might short out the elite drones better than our Phasers.
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12-08-2011, 09:39 AM
Do we have to recalibrate our snowballs?
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12-08-2011, 10:32 AM
Originally Posted by hort_wort View Post
Do we have to recalibrate our snowballs?
Yes! The water to ice ratio needs to be reformulated every throw for maximium water damage. :p
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12-08-2011, 10:37 AM
*reconfigures a TR116 and sneaks a snowball into JC's collar*
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12-08-2011, 01:20 PM
So if borg could be frozen into hibernation by ice why can they walk around in space and be just fine?
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12-08-2011, 02:15 PM
Jumps in to steal the 1,000th post!

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