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# 1 Federation Reborn
01-18-2011, 08:27 AM
Federation Reborn is STILL recruiting!

Our mission: To restore the ideals that the Federation was founded to promote and that Starfleet was formed to protect. We are dedicated to the rebirth of these ideals and to the fellowship and defense of all who uphold them. Because every fleet should have a noble purpose to inspire them.

Federation Reborn will be guided by these enduring principles:

Friendship: The Prime Directive, as far as Federation Reborn is concerned, is Friendship. We are to enjoy each others’ company and rely on each others’ support. We should help to make the game more enjoyable for everyone, not just for ourselves, and we hope that the friendships we will form can extend outside of the game. Let us not forget that our virtual world is filled with real people who deserve common decency, respect, and consideration.

Freedom: Federation Reborn is not about enforcing any particular brand of gameplay on anyone. PvE, PvP, casual gamers, serious gamers, Role-Players, non-Role-Players, canon, non-canon... there’s room for every kind of gamer. Teaming is encouraged, not mandatory. Donations to the fleet are encouraged, not mandatory. Differences of opinion are to be respected. Power-tripping by Fleet Officers will not be tolerated. That said, Freedom needs boundaries if it is to be encouraged for all and this is the reason for any Fleet Regulations that will be established.

Fun: Federation Reborn’s goal is to have fun together and make friends. The principle should be, if anyone is not having fun then it’s not fun for anyone. All members are encouraged to have a sense of humor, just like the original series and all of its offspring had. Jokes are welcome, if they are not at anyone’s expense. If your shipmate is not having fun, you should try to help them to have fun. That means pitch in and help when you can. If you’re in a team and someone has to leave the game, try to find another shipmate who’s online to join in. Above all, explore strange new worlds... seek out new life; new civilizations... boldly go where no one has gone before!

Fair-Play: If Friendship, Freedom, and Fun are to exist, there has to be a sense of Fair-Play. This is where those ideals come in. Malicious lying, cheating, stealing, taking unfair advantage, and mean-spirited attitudes are all unworthy of a Starfleet officer and may be grounds for demotion or even expulsion. Starfleet officers who exemplify Fair-Play will be on the fast track for promotion.

If you would like to be invited to join the adventure, please contact G'eek@bluegeek or any member of our fleet. We're just getting started, but I hope that we will be known as a friendly and helpful fleet.
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# 2
01-19-2011, 11:38 AM
Yes, I'm bumping, but with a purpose.

Vice Admiral G'eek is able to train in any of the following Science abilities:

NOTE: 1/5/2012: The following list may be incorrect after mandatory respec into the new space and ground skills. Send me a note in-game if you're interested in training.

Science Team III - BOFF Tier 3 (Lt. Cmdr)
Jam Sensors III - BOFF Tier 3 (Lt. Cmdr)
Scramble Sensors III - BOFF Tier 4 (Cmdr)
Tachyon Beam III - BOFF Tier 3 (Lt. Cmdr)
Feedback Pulse III - BOFF Tier 4 (Cmdr)
Medical Tricorder III - BOFF Tier 3 (Lt. Cmdr)
Hazard Emitters III - BOFF Tier 3 (Lt. Cmdr)
Photonic Shockwave III - BOFF Tier 4 (Cmdr)

I'm willing to provide FREE BO training in any of these abilities for any Player Captain whose rank is Lieutenant Commander or below. No strings attached. All you have to do is send me a tell online (G'eek@bluegeek) so I can find you and we can trade face-to-face.

Why am I doing this? What's the catch?

1. These abilities make your existing Science BO's more valuable. These abilities are not available in any store. You can promote your trained BO's along with you or trade up for a different BO. Or even trade them away for EC's. Sure, this is of limited short-term value; I realize your BO's won't be of high enough rank to use these abilities yet. But when they are you can try these abilities out to see if they fit at no cost to you.

2. Low ranking captains don't have the money to shop for BO's with these abilities on the Exchange. Why not save your EC's for something you really want? Higher ranking captains can afford to pay for this stuff, which is why I'm not offering freebies for them.

3. I'm hoping you'll spread the word that Federation Reborn is a fleet that helps the STO community. It's good PR.

4. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping you'll consider placing one of your characters in Federation Reborn. Low level captains are less likely to belong to a fleet already. I don't mind if it's an alt. But the offer is still open even if you already belong to another fleet.

5. G'eek is maxed out in rank and capped in skills. At this point, there aren't too many missions left that I haven't completed. Sure I can play another captain (and I do) but why shouldn't I take time out to help other players? If I get to know you, maybe I can find another way to help you out.

6. I soloed most of the PvE content (on Normal difficulty). Next time around I'd like to try teaming up with others more often. This is a good way to build my Friends list to find other people I'd like to play with, and that will make me a better player.

It goes without saying that anybody who joins Federation Reborn will get BO training from any of my characters FREE at any rank.

Other benefits for signing up with Federation Reborn?

I am also maxed out in R&D under the current system. Want something built for you at Memory Alpha? Fleet members (and good Friends) get crafting services free in exchange for materials. In other words, send me the data samples needed to build it and I'll do it for you at no extra cost. Plus, I plan to give away freebies from time to time (meaning something built from my own stash of data samples).
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# 3
01-25-2011, 06:19 AM
Teeny bump.

1) My full list of trainable Science skills has been amended to include Hazard Emitters III and Photonic Shockwave III. Again, I will train free if your captain is Lieutenant Commander rank or below, whether you are a member of my fleet or not.

2) Just a reminder that Federation Reborn is still recruiting. Fleet members get full, free access to all of my trainable skills. Once I've advanced an Engineering officer, those skills will also become available.

Some things I am working on, time permitting:

We are working on opening a second repository for our fleet bank. The new repository will be totally unrestricted, allowing our fleet members the ability to store and trade less valuable items freely.

Putting more R&D items in the fleet bank.

Putting up some kind of fleet website.

A contest to design the fleet uniform (once we have enough members to make that worthwhile).
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03-01-2011, 08:25 AM
Small update. Federation Reborn now has its' own website:

We have also set up a newsgroup for our members. Guests can view, but not post. Visit

If you'd like to join our fleet, please ask any of our members for an invite or fill out the form on our website. We're a small, friendly, and casual fleet. We have members in the US and the UK.
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03-30-2011, 01:32 PM
Federation Reborn now has a fleet Message Board:

You do not have to be a member of Federation Reborn to register for our message board. Visitors are welcome and may post in our non-fleet forums. For the most part even our fleet forums are open for reading and moderated posting for non-fleet members. This is in line with our Fleet Philosophy: Friendship, Freedom, Fun, and Fair-Play.

If there are any fleets out there open to alliances, I would entertain the idea of creating an Allied group you could then join and participate in our Message Board as an ally. Fleet Leaders, please contact me if you are interested in an alliance.

Federation Reborn fleet members, of course, are encouraged to register on the Message Board to facilitate fleet communications.

If you would like to join our fleet, please contact us! Any full member has the ability to issue invites, and you can contact us in-game, by registering on our Message Board and posting a request, or via our fleet's web portal (see my sig).

See you online!
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# 6
01-05-2012, 02:09 PM
With F2P Early Release and the full launch days away, I would like to take the opportunity to say that Federation Reborn is still recruiting. We have expanded our Fleet Bank repositories, reworked our command structure, and added a few more members. Alternate characters are welcome, casual players are welcome. We're very small, but we're prepared to grow and there's plenty of room for advancement. We're looking for good friends, not necessarily Elite players.

Please visit us at our fleet forum:

Even if you don't join the fleet, you're welcome to hang out with us!

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